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Why is PRM important?

Everyone is talking about PRM. Whether you are a technology provider, manufacturer, supplier or distributor, vendors in your industry are growing revenue via indirect channels. And it's mainly because growing companies can scale revenue via partners faster and more efficiently than direct sales. But there are challenges.

Is a PRM platform right for you?

Onboarding, training and supporting partners can be a labor-intensive process. Channel Managers spend their days chasing down partners, bombarded by email and phone calls, just trying to keep track of partner requests and status.

You know this is not scalable. It's time to automate the process and let your Channel Team get back to closing deals.

It's time for Magentrix PRM!

Close deals faster

Rapid onboarding, effective training and deal management

Increase team productivity

Automate manual processes, save time and focus on deals

Improve partner satisfaction

Streamlined processes and on-demand access to resources.

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Power your Partner Program

Accelerate Revenue

From more efficient onboarding, on-demand training to streamlined lead management with seamless CRM integration, PRM removes the barriers to revenue. Collaboration and self-service access to information helps increase win rates and bring in deals sooner.

Save Time

A collaborative PRM saves time for channel managers and partners so they can work on more deals. Forecasting is faster and more accurate. Everyone has faster access to information and with better collaboration nothing is missed.

Reduce Costs

With automation and self-service options, costs go down while satisfaction and revenues go up! Reduce expenses for in person training, distribution costs of collateral and resources as well as the cost of meeting partners onsite to onboard them.

Power your partner program

What The Experts Say

What experts say about PRM

PRM Works!

But don't take our word for it. Experts like Aberdeen Group point out that the top performing best-in-class companies are taking their PRM digital and getting great results from it.

These leading companies are more likely to create applications to support partners, deploy PRM solutions and move sales training to a hybrid or all digital model.

Enable Results

In Territory, Training, Technology: Best in-class channel sales management, Aberdeen Group shows that supporting channel partner efforts by enabling platforms and processes, results in time savings, cost reduction and revenue increases.

The combination of rapid onboarding, better lead management, faster access to information, training and support all result in shorter sales cycles, higher lead conversion rates and a greater number of reps achieving quota.

Shorter Sales Cycle

Shorter Sales Cycle

Higher Lead Conversion Rate

Higher Lead Conversion Rate

More Sales Reps Achieving Quota

More Sales Reps Achieving Quota

From New To Net - Close Deals Faster

Magentrix PRM provides the technology platform you need for end to end partner management. With lead registration, opportunity collaboration, sales enablement, training, support and more, give your partners the training and tools they need to succeed anywhere.

  • Collaboration
  • Onboarding
  • Lead Sharing & Deal Registration
  • Opportunity Management
  • Partner Communications
  • Sales Enablement
  • Training & Certification
  • Marketing Development Funds (MDF)
  • Partner Marketplace
  • Analytics
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