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One Integrated Solution

Unlike other vendors that offer a la carte modules with costs that can quickly add up to alot, Magentrix provides a complete integrated PRM solution and gives you options where it makes sense. Seamless CRM integrations maintain one system of record while you have flexibility and complete control over the user experience.

Configuration and Customization

They don't have to be mutually exclusive. Magentrix PRM gives you the visual tools to configure your Partner Community without any coding so you can launch in weeks not months. But you're also not stuck with restrictive templates that are hard to change. Flexibility and customization are there when you need it.

Exceptional Support

We're there to help when you need it. With our Kickstarter program we work closely with you during implementation and if you ever have a question about a customization, our support resources cover all the answers. But don't take our word for it, check out our reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Redefining Channel Team Collaboration

Magentrix PRM redefines collaboration by connecting Channel Team and Partner communication, engagement and learning in one secure place. It's more than just messaging. Magentrix Collaboration brings familiar tools for real-time communication to every aspect of the PRM cycle.

Magentrix PRM is all about building relationships and community, not just tracking transactions. That's why we designed a platform with built-in collaboration. Whether it's a data record, a document or file, or a content article, Magentrix lets your Channel Team easily communicate with each other and with partners in context.

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The ROI of Collaborative PRM

Collaborative PRM provides an excellent return on investment. By increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and reducing barriers to revenue growth, a Magentrix PRM solution has a big impact on your partner program.

To determine the size of this impact, we've outlined the cost savings of switching channel processes to an integrated PRM solution and the potential growth in revenue driven by collaborative, well-supported channel partners.

Cost Savings

On the cost-savings side, you'll see the impact in the reduction of direct expenses as well as time savings from more efficient sales processes. In many cases, the integrated PRM solution will replace several disparate applications. With more productive channel managers, there will be savings from not having to make additional hires. And then there are savings associated with a cloud-based PRM application which eliminates many IT and operating expenses related to managing a PRM platform in-house.

Cost Savings First Year = $275,000

Revenue Upside

Revenue upside will be the result of increasing the number of leads and opportunities, increasing close rates and deal sizes. You can expect leads and opportunities will increase due to the enhanced visibility, more efficient distribution and tracking provided by the Magentrix PRM solution. Close rates benefit from the increased attention that channel managers can provide along with the faster access to sales tools, targeted support, training and incentives. Better training, access to resources and collaboration with channel managers helps increase Average Deal Value.

Impact of 5% increase in lead conversions

Revenue Upside = $250,000*

Revenue upside from a 5% increase in close rate

Revenue Upside = $1,000,000*

Revenue impact of a 5% increase in average deal value

Revenue Upside = $250,000*

Total Revenue Upside First Year = $1,500,000

Total Investment First Year

A cloud-based PRM subscription runs about $20,000 annually. Implementations costs including customizations and support usually come in at just under $15,000. When you add in the cost of an administrator, your total first-year investment might be about $94,000.

Total Investment (first year) = $94,000

Cost Savings = +$ 275,000

Revenue Upside = +$ 1,500,000

Investment (1st year) =- $ 94,000

Total ROI = $1,681,000

*Based on a sample company with 250 partners, close rate of 25% and ADV of $20,000.

Every dollar invested in Collaborative PRM returns $16

ROI = 16x

The Bottom Line

Magentrix PRM enables your Partner Program to improve collaboration, increase productivity and grow revenue.
It's much more than just the standard PRM features. It's one integrated and seamless environment for your Partner Community.

Empower Your Channel Team

Magentrix PRM automates the manual processes of day-to-day partner maintenance, enabling channel managers to save time and stay focused on strategic business activities like partner recruiting and pursuing high-value sales opportunities. Improve Channel Team productivity with real-time collaboration and access to performance data.

Improve Partner Satisfaction

Channel Partners are happy when they can get the resources they need to close deals. Make it easy for them to get support on-demand in a self-serve community with Magentrix PRM.From faster onboarding, streamlined deal registration, access to information resources and real-time collaboration with channel managers, partners couldn't be happier!

Automate Business Processes

Eliminate the wasted time with manual processes, data re-entry and management by spreadsheet. Magentrix PRM optimizes the processes that support your partner program. With sales enablement, pipeline management, deal support, incentives and performance analysis your partner program can do its job of driving revenue.

Magentrix PRM Clients - SecureAuth, Enghouse
Magentrix PRM Clients - Data Gravity, Accellion, Tufin

Grow Channel Partner Revenue

Faster Partner Activation

Magentrix PRM enables your channel partners to generate revenue faster with automated onboarding. With easy access to on-demand training and certification, the partner team is up to speed in no time and ready to engage.

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More Accurate Forecasting

Take the guesswork out of your forecasting and be on top of the pipeline. Make it easy for partners to register leads, update the status on opportunities and deals so your channel team is always in the know.

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Win More Deals

The heart of Magentrix PRM is the collaborative environment that lets your channel team and partners work together to close deals. Deal management lets your channel team focus at the right time on the opportunities that need their help.

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Partner Sales Enablement

Training & Certification

Boost partner skills with a fully integrated eLearning environment that provides courses, lessons, quizzes and certifications. Flexible testing for skills assessment and automatically certify to meet program requirements. Complete with user management and reporting to track progress.

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Information on Demand

Communication and information are vital to your channel partner's success. Magentrix PRM gives you flexible content management tools for creating and publishing a wide variety of content to engage partners, communicate important announcements, provide searchable resources such as knowledge bases.

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Access to Resources

Provide your partners with better service and support by storing all your files, documents, marketing collateral and video in one secure, mobile-friendly location. Manage sharing options and document versioning to insure your partners find what they need, when they need it.

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Driving Better Performance

Streamlining MDF

Automate the processing of Market Development Funding (MDF) to support marketing activities. From application submission to review and approval, to managing expenses and processing payouts, Magentrix PRM streamlines everything.

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Performance Management

Gain insights into channel performance with key metrics for partner leads, opportunities and any other data entity. Create reports and dashboards for analytics and your most important metrics.

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Integrate and extend the platform's benefits with a growing number of apps, extensions and plugins. From our comprehensive integrations with leading CRM, esignature, payment gateway solutions and more, you can easily extend Magentrix PRM.

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