How Magentrix benefits Healthcare Companies

Your priority is your clients' privacy, and so is ours. Create secure sites for patients and healthcare providers that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, giving you and your clients peace of mind and a streamlined experience from their first appointment onwards.

Social Intranet.

Enable staff to securely collaborate and communicate on patient care, medical records/files and other information.

Control access to confidential information with hierarchical security roles down to the field, so staff can see the right information in the right place.

Social Intranet

Self-service care.

Share and store essential information using Document Library and knowledge base functionality so patients have all the facts they need.

Provide forums and community discussions so they can compare issues and share knowledge.

Provider information sharing.

Help health providers organize their information and submit procurement requests. Reduce email backlogs and provide more effective service with cases and bidirectional CRM synchronization.

Manage appointments and bookings more easily and store all their patient information securely within your portal.

MDS Medical

MDS Medical, a leading health software provider, delivered time-sensitive documents and videos to the clients who needed it using Magentrix's hierarchical security to ensure maximum confidentiality.

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