39% Decrease in Issues Per Customer: Kira Systems

    Founded in 2011, Kira Systems helps enterprises uncover relevant information from their contracts. Kira is a powerful, award-winning software that excels at searching and analyzing contract text. Kira offers pre-built, machine learning models covering due diligence, general commercial, corporate organization, real estate, and compliance along with the ability for users to build their own additional models. Customers, who include some of the world's largest corporations and professional services firms, have trusted Kira on hundreds of billions of dollars of transactions to date.

    Focused on driving great customer experiences, Kira Systems excels at predicting what customers need and they take that same approach to the software tools and processes used internally. The new normal for modern business is self-service. Customers want to engage with you on their terms, when and how they want. 

    Phenomenal growth creates new opportunities and one of the most important to Kira Systems was how they support subscribers. The team had a clear mandate: automate, empower, and provide customers with self-service options wherever possible.

    Kira looked at multiple portal vendors and it was only when they voiced their concerns to their Salesforce Administrator that Magentrix was introduced to them. A simple portal solution could meet their basic needs but the administrator pointed out that not only could Magentrix do much more, they were also based in the same city. This made the decision easy. 

    39% Decrease in Issues Per Customer

    After implementing a Magentrix customer portal, Kira experienced a 39% decrease in issues per customer. This year-over-year comparison stands on its own as a worthy success metric. The icing on the cake is during the same period their customers grew 71%. All these numbers speak to the power of customer transformation by removing barriers and providing self-service capabilities.

    Kira Systems Customer Portal
    Service is the most popular capability among their approximately two-thousand users per quarter. This provides the ability to search for answers to questions and access an existing and growing repository of service articles. They range from the basic how-tos all the way up to advanced configuration information. If an answer cannot be found then the user can submit a support request, from within the portal, where it gets handled by the Kira Systems Support Team for resolution followed by portal documentation improvements. This ensures the next customer looking for the same item will find the answer.


    Kira Systems Customer Self-Service


    Learning Management System (LMS)
    On top of customer self-service, Kira had another main requirement - integration into their LMS system. Being built in parallel, they wanted as seamless of an experience as possible. Magentrix facilitates consolidation of multiple software platforms into a single web portal making the transition between tools as barrier-free as possible.

    “With the help of a Magentrix customer portal, Kira Systems is delivering on our vision of customer transformation. Removing barriers and offering 24/7, worldwide self-service where our customers can help themselves has dramatically reduced internal costs. Moreover it’s adding value to the already amazing award winning experience our customers enjoy.”
    Dave Aucoin, Sr. Director of Operations at Kira Systems

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