AudioCodes PRM Portal: What used to take days now happens automatically with Magentrix

    AudioCodes, a leading provider of advanced voice networking and media processing solutions, offers a range of VoIP solutions for service providers and enterprise customers through a large network of business partners around the world.

    The Challenge

    As part of the launch of its new website, AudioCodes wanted to provide a new secured partner area which was needed for sharing forms and a variety of marketing and technical content with its partners.

    The decision the company faced was between development within the website or leveraging a SaaS platform for that task.

    Their main requirement was a native and flexible Salesforce integration. All AudioCodes’ partner information and accreditation is managed in Salesforce and a full integration was critical to ensuring the success of a portal for its 1000+ partners.

    Developing the necessary integration within the website would have been very challenging.

    Instead, AudioCodes discovered Magentrix on Salesforce’s AppExchange.

    Magentrix stood out as the top-rated solution amongst Salesforce-based PRM portal solutions due to its focused integration into Salesforce and positive customer reviews.

    The Magentrix Solution

    After a short proof of concept period, Magentrix was selected as the platform for the AudioCodes partner portal, providing a native Salesforce integration and custom capabilities to meet the AudioCodes partner community needs and serve as a platform for future growth.

    Explaining AudioCodes’ decision, Benny Matityahu, Director of Marketing and Business Development at AudioCodes commented,

    “Technology changes so quickly and is challenging to predict. We needed a platform that was easy to use from a company that was dedicated to the solution. Magentrix doesn’t just sell a product or platform; they truly partnered with us to meet our needs and evolve the solution based on our feedback.”

    The AudioCodes Partner Experience

    Self-service is the new normal and AudioCodes is at the forefront of extending that capability to their channel network.

    Approved users experience an automated login process – removing barriers on both sides.

    One of the most critical requirements to their partner relationship management (PRM) portal was the ability to securely share collateral based on specific permissions.

    This was particularly important for sensitive documents such as price books. Different channel partners need access to different price books and the portal ensures that users get to see only the price books relevant to them.

    Deal registration is front and center and partners love the ease of use to not just register deals but also have transparency into where they are in the approval cycle or status.

    They also have a quick view into their overall pipeline – all presented in a familiar fashion.

    AudioCodes Partner Portal

    One capability, which Magentrix offers out-of-the-box, is Rewards. AudioCodes offers various incentives to their partners to get certified. Now they can easily track incentives and manage them all through their Magentrix partner portal.

    The AudioCodes Partner Management Experience

    Providing partners with an easy-to-use, self-service environment was only part of the battle.

    Magentrix also simplified the process for the employees at AudioCodes tasked with managing the portal – a task that required substantial manual effort, prior to Magentrix.

    Now new users at an existing partner can sign up instantly.

    Having everything synced automatically to Salesforce means any change in the partner’s status is reflected in the partner portal immediately.

    For example, if a partner contact left the company and was marked as disabled in Salesforce, that contact will be automatically disabled in the portal.

    Less clicks and removing barriers to managing partners is what the platform excels at.

    “Magentrix changed the game for us and is helping take our partners to the next level. What used to take days now happens automatically. Almost everything is automated, partners have self-service and up-to-date information. If we put out a bulletin or update a document we no longer have to worry about whether or not a partner was notified as it’s all in a centralized place,” said Matityahu.

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