Extend existing investments, workflows and processes to your customers or partners with our market leading API
Easy Configuration with No Custom Coding

With Magentrix's API, you’re one click away from connecting to any edition of Salesforce. It’s pre-configured so you can easily integrate any standard or custom object which can then be displayed in your portal. You maintain complete control over user access and security while giving Contacts access to select data.

Optimized to provide the best performance and API usage, the Magentrix API intelligently synchronizes data based on usage, resulting in less API calls, higher performance and uninterrupted data accessibility.

🟣 Magentrix has built the most comprehensive Salesforce integration compared to other PRM vendors on the market.

🟣 Magentrix has built the Salesforce integration internally and does not rely on any third party vendor to perform the integration. Our team has full control over how the integration is managed and used.

🟣 Freedom from relying on third-party vendors lets you manage your data more cohesively, gives you greater customization options and flexibility, and guarantees that making changes or resolving issues doesn't result in extra delays for you, your partners, or your customers.

Data objects in Salesforce to your portal

→ Almost all data objects that are in Salesforce are accessible to Magentrix.
→ This means you can bring almost all Objects that are available in Salesforce into Magentrix and have users interact with those Objects right within the Magentrix portal.

Magentrix gives you independence to do it yourself

→ This process can be done by Magentrix customers without involving the Magentrix team
→ You have the ability to build complex forms and user interfaces on Objects you’ve brought into the portal from Salesforce.

Salesforce remains system of records within your portal

When interacting with Salesforce Objects, Magentrix uses the Salesforce IDs as the primary keys → That means, Salesforce is the system of records.

  1. When records are created from Magentrix into Salesforce, Magentrix first creates the record in Salesforce
  2. Once the record is created successfully, it will then bring those data back into Magentrix.
This way if there are any validation rules and triggers that are defined in Salesforce that prevent the data from being created, those validation rules and triggers are respected and the appropriate message is shown to the user.

Updating Salesforce CRM records in Magentrix

Similarly, when a record is updated in Magentrix,

  1. The platform will first pass the data to Salesforce
  2. Once the data is successfully committed to Salesforce, it is only then that it is synced back into Magentrix.
In case the update was not successful in Salesforce, a notification n appropriate message is shown in Magentrix.

Syncing Salesforce records to Magentrix

Any records created or modified in Salesforce are synched to Magentrix using a Smart Sync Technology developed by Magentrix on time based intervals. Magentrix Smart Sync Technology will analyze how often and how many records are changed in Salesforce, and it will automatically adjust the sync interval as needed.

Validation rules from Salesforce to your partner portal or customer portal

In addition to validation rules that are defined in Salesforce, with Magentrix, you can apply further validation rules and field level security to personalize the experience for your partners or customers.

"Easy Salesforce integration, standard tools, and custom build-ability. Partner Portal. This was a great alternative to Community Cloud which wasn't a financially viable option for us."

Brad Hoyle, Operational Excellence Manager
"The Salesforce integration was simple and has proven to be the most beneficial feature."

Jayson Peterson, VP of Global Channels & Alliances
"...looking for a PRM that had great functionality, but one in which we could "build" ourselves on a low-code, no-code platform. Magentrix was just that. It not only integrates into SF, but mimics SF. It is easy to use, intuitive, and provides loads of features."
Athena H., Director, Global Partnerships
Scientia Mobile