Partner engagement starts with the partner experience (PX) and you’re the architect of that experience. Elevate your PX with a Magentrix PRM or PEM.
Change your PRM game with a PaaS

We’ve designed our partner platform around the core needs of partner programs. The familiar CRM style interfaces and drag-and-drop capabilities make our platform easy to use and what's more is its PaaS nature. Magentrix is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and this means you can do pretty much anything with the platform that you can't already do out-of-the-box. Magentrix does more – so YOU don't have to do more with less.

Partners notice when you tailor the experience

Build your partner portal for the partner experience (PX) – with the partner’s needs in mind, not just yours. Crafting a good user experience (PX) and focusing on providing personalized interactions for the partner, can go a long way in increasing partner engagement with your brand. Magentrix has a many options for personalizing the PX in your portal.

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AI-Powered Deal Registration
Partner Onboarding
Make the partner experience easier

Magentrix makes Deal Registration easier for your partners than any other PRM or PEM platform – making partners more likely to send you those leads.

The power of AI in partner management software

Partners can simply write you an email with the lead details and include the vendor's portal email address for this specific purpose. Once the email is sent, your partner instantly receives confirmation in their email inbox to confirm that the deal has been registered within the partner portal.

Deal Management
Deal Registration

Work with your existing lead registration process to easily qualify and approve leads and deals. Stay informed on their progress throughout a deal.

Share leads

Advanced lead management gives you full visibility. Easily organize leads by categories or rank and score them. Set status and assign to channel partners. Automatically notify partners or channel managers and monitor follow up status.

Drive collaboration

Support partners with improved communication at every stage of the sales cycle from enablement through to closed deals. Follow opportunities and get notified of any activities. Collaborate in real-time with up to date news feeds.

Partner Onboarding
Partner Onboarding
Sign-up and activation

Save time and remove barriers to your channel by providing easy signup for new partners and partner employees. Automate activation with self registration or control with your own approval process. Include your own Terms and Conditions for acceptance by the partner. Integrate Adobe Sign for eSignature.

Training and certification

Get your channel partners selling quicker with on-demand product training, onboarding programs and certifications directly through your portal. Create unique learning paths for different tiers of partners.

Newfound motivation

Gamification of any type of task provides newfound motivation to accomplish even the tedious of goals.

Boost partner productivity

These accomplished goals will result in rewards. With the rewards being configurable as either cash or points programs, they serve as an effective incentive to help keep the user coming back to complete even more.

Higher user engagement

Having engaged partners or customers provides a new opportunity to keep them informed with the latest news, training, marketing documents, etc.

Increase sales

Ultimately, use of gamification can have a great impact on sales as users become more engaged, get involved in friendly competition with one another and strive to earn more. As they earn more, you earn more.

Training (LMS)
Training LMS system
Boost partner skills

Save on training costs by offering partners a wide variety of on-demand training materials in a user-friendly, mobile-enabled, interactive environment. From onboarding to product and sales training to updates on the latest release, your partners will be up to speed in no time.

Test and certify

Flexible quizzes let you test partner skills and reinforce learning at any point in a course and automatically certify the partner employee when they pass.

Track and report

Complete User Management to easily assign courses to partners, track many of the metrics you need to identify skills gaps which need to be addressed.

The right content at the right time

Playbooks allow you to create collections of sales, technical or marketing resources. Show them content based on deal stages or any process in-place. Resources can be any electronic documents or links and can range from brochures, battlecards, proposals and knowledge articles.

Filter content

Users can filter playbooks with customizable criteria, i.e. industry, sales cycle stage, product line etc. This feature gives users the ability to quickly navigate and access the resources they need.

On-demand availability

Portals are available to users 24/7 so channel partners and employees can access playbooks when they want, from any device they want.

Deal Collaboration

Channel managers can review and approve partner deals in Salesforce. Partners are kept up-to-date in the portal regarding deal statuses, as well as any communications on a deal or opportunity made in the comment feed.

Market Development Funds (MDF)

Manage and process MDF applications to help eligible partners with participation, apply for funds, track marketing campaign approvals, and payment processing.

Idea Exchange

Find out what matters to your partners and customers as they share, review, and collaborate on new ideas to give you important feedback.

Content Management

Let partners and channel teams help themselves with searchable information in knowledge bases, FAQs or Wikis.

Document Management

Organize any file in easy-to-navigate folders including links and YouTube/Vimeo videos. Search for resources such as product and technical guides, datasheets and co-marketing documents.


Track, measure and optimize your partner program. With dashboards and reports you can quickly measure leads, opportunities and deal metrics to insure maximum ROI.


Customers can redeem points or purchase gifts and promotional items adding value to your brand awareness. Customized to your brand so users can seamlessly land on the page, never realizing they’ve left your website.


Get partners excited about virtual or in-person events by engaging them at the invitation stage. Include rich content such as videos, images and maps in your event listings.

Business Planning

Establish and track quarterly business objectives with partners and internal stakeholders.

Business Planning


Utilize the Marketplace to showcase your partner ecosystem's offerings, including badges and certifications. Partners can showcase their products built around the vendor's brand and ecosystem. Customers and partners can view these published listings and request a partner's product. This generates a lead that can be shared with the partner.

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