Magentrix PRM Collaboration

Channel Team Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of Magentrix PRM with a central network where channel management teams can communicate on leads and opportunities, sales forecasts and follow everything they need to know about.

Reduce Email

Free your channel team from endless email threads. Magentrix PRM powers your team with real-time messaging and dynamic newsfeeds that track conversations in context so no one is in the dark.

Engage with Partners

Improve your Channel team's ability to communicate with Partners through newsfeeds, alerts and notifications so everyone is in the loop.

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Share Ideas

Find out what matters to your customer community as they share, review, and collaborate on new ideas to give you important feedback. Customers can post, read, comment and vote on ideas within the Ideas module.

Categorize Feedback

Create categories for easier navigation and grouping of Ideas Posts. Customers can easily apply a category or multiple categories to Posts where other customers can engage with feedback, comments and voting to enhance the idea.

Manage Status

Administrators have full control over Posts and can be alerted to inappropriate Posts. They can review specific Ideas Posts and mark them with a status for future consideration or delivery.

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Magentrix Customer Success Ideation

Onboarding Partners

Magentrix PRM Onboarding

Sign-up and Activation

Enable easy signup for new partners and partner employees. Automate activation or control with your own approval process. Include your own Terms and Conditions for acceptance by the partner. Integrate Adobe Sign for eSignature.

Training and Certification

Provide on-demand product training, onboarding programs and certifications directly through your portal, eliminating the need for additional software or services.

Lead Registration

Share Leads

Start your lead management with a clean layout that lets you see all the important facts about the prospect. Easily organize leads by categories to rank and score them. Set status and assign to channel partners. Automatically notify partners and monitor follow up status.

Lead Registration & Approval

Simplify your lead registration process to easily qualify and approve leads and deals. Stay informed on their progress throughout a deal.

Drive Collaboration

Support partners with improved communication at every stage of the sales cycle from sales enablement through to closed deals. Follow opportunities and get notified of any activities. Collaborate in real-time with up to date newsfeeds.

Magentrix PRM Lead Registration

Deal Management

Magentrix PRM Deal Management

Update Opportunities

The Magentrix PRM solution enables partner engagement and communication so its easy to keep on top of all the opportunities. Your channel teams can easily review and approve partner deals in the CRM while partners stay updated in the portal.

Pipeline Visibility

Track partner activities to gain advanced visibility into your channel performance with all the activities and status of each opportunity. Full reporting and dashboards eliminate management by spreadsheet and increase forecasting accuracy.

Deal Support with Collaboration

Collaborate with partners on opportunities right through to the close. Support your partners with easy access to sales resources and searchable Knowledge Base. Track activities in real-time and monitor the status of deals at any stage.

Upcoming Events

Inform, engage, and invite channel partners and customers to your events with ease.

Engage Potential Event Attendees

Get invitees excited about your event by engaging them at the invitation stage. Include rich content such as videos, images and maps in your event listings.

Manage and Track Events

Send event invites to an entire list, or a segmented list. In addition to planning and inviting attendees to your event, upcoming events also has capabilities to track registration and user interest.

Organize Event Information

Upcoming Events provides users with multipe display styles for event information. From calendar view to list view to flash card style interfaces. Each interface allows users to filter and search through events.

Magentrix PRM Upcoming Events

Content Management

The Magentrix Articles Module provides the power of content management so you can publish and share rich-content posts for Knowledge Bases, Blogs, FAQs, Support and Help Articles, What's New, Announcements and more.

Help partners quickly find the information they need with searchable knowledge bases, FAQs and other self-service support options. Communicate with all partners or specific groups through announcements and blogs.

Magentrix PRM Content Management
See how you can use Articles to communicate with your partners

Information On-Demand

Let your partners and channel team help themselves with searchable information on-demand in easily accessible knowledge bases. With self-serve support resources, FAQs or expert opinions in a blog, everyone can find the information they need, answer questions, solve problems and make decisions faster.

Partner Communications

From partner announcements to communications with specific groups, Magentrix Articles lets you create and share a wide variety of rich-content types in a collaborative environment.

Connect and Engage

From subscriptions and digest notifications to sharing, ratings and moderated comments, you can encourage engagement, sharing and feedback with the partner community and within specific groups.

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Document Management

File Storage and Sharing

Organize any file type in easy-to-navigate nested folders including links and YouTube/Vimeo videos. Easily search for resources such as product and technical guides, datasheets and co-marketing collaterals. Browse file metadata and view or download.

Access Control

Provide your partners with better service and support by storing all resource files in one secure, mobile-friendly location. Manage sharing options and document versioning to insure the right partners find what they need, when they need it.

Collaboration & Insights

Let partners follow, like and comment on files to engage in conversations and collaborate with your channel team. Full analytics give you the insights you need to monitor and improve engagement.

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Magentrix PRM Document Management


Self-service feature that promotes productivity and efficiency amongst you, channel partners, and employees.

Magentrix PRM Playbooks

Collections of Marketing and Sales Resources

Playbooks allow you to easily create collections of marketing and sales resources for your channel partners. These assets are easily accessible and can be leveraged during the sales cycles to close deals. Resources can range from brochures to proposals to knowledge articles.

Filter Content

Users can filter playbooks with customizable criteria, i.e. industry, sales cycle stage, product line etc. This feature gives users the ability to quickly navigate and access the recources needed.

On-Demand Availability

Playbooks are available to users 24/7. Channel partners, internal employees, etc. can access playbooks when they want, from any device they want. The open-availability of the tool, gives playbooks an edge over traditional resource sharing.

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Training & Certification

Fully integrated and native Learning Management Solution (LMS) lets you deliver customized course materials, exams and certificates for partners to meet program requirements.

From onboarding to product and sales training to updates on the latest release, your partners will be up to speed in no time.

Boost Partner Skills

Save on training costs by offering partners a wide variety of on-demand training materials in a user-friendly, mobile-enabled, interactive environment. From onboarding to product and sales training to updates on the latest release, your partners will be up to speed in no time.

Test and Certify

Flexible quizzes let you test partner skills and reinforce learning at any point in a course and automatically certify the partner employee when they pass.

Track and Report

Complete User Management to easily assign courses to partners, track many of the metrics you need to identify skills gaps which need to be addressed.

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Magentrix PRM Trianing and Certification

Market Development Funds (MDF)

Magentrix PRM MDF

Streamline Applications

Complete app for managing and processing funds makes it easier for you to help eligible partners manage their program participation, apply for funds, track marketing campaign approvals, and payment processing.

Automated Processing

Speed up your review and approval process for plans and expense claims. Easily setup workflow for multiple approvals, setup notifications to keep the partner informed on the status.

Track Results

Seamless Salesforce integration makes it easy to monitor and measure results for participating partners and for your program overall.


Partner Performance

Track, measure and optimize your partner program based on the insights from your Magentrix PRM solution. With dashboards and reports you can quickly measure leads, opportunities and deal metrics to insure you maximize the ROI. With all the data available, it is easy to make the right business decisions and grow your channel sales.

Flexible Reporting

With dozens of pre-configured reports, you have easy access to the critical data that drives decisions. An intuitive report builder lets you create your own reports on any data entity.

Dynamic Dashboards

Leverage the power of visual dashboards to help partners and the channel team instantly analyze key data for issues and trends.

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Magentrix PRM Analytics


Attract companies who are looking to leverage your brand to sell their products.

Magentrix PRM Marketplace

Brand loyalty and Customer Retention

Give access to products and services built around your brand. The Marketplace module is designed to foster brand loyalty and boost customer retention.

Enhance User Experience

The Marketplace was developed with user experience in mind. Customers can easily browse, filter and search through published listings.

Lead Generation and Partner Enablement

Marketplace is intergrated with your CRM so you and channel partners will have access to generated leads in your CRM and Partner Portal. Analytics for each listing is also provided so you can further analyze the lead.

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