Teamleader Saves 26 Days of Manual Effort Per Year

    Founded in 2012 as a customer-centric CRM provider for European small businesses, Teamleader is passionate about helping their customers work smarter. Their main mission is to automate operational essentials. In doing so, they help businesses focus on building relationships and driving long-term, sustainable sccess.

    The Business Challenge

    To pursue their growth, Teamleader found they had to create and maintain a network of channel partners, giving them access to a larger audience of potential customers. Being laser-focused on providing solutions and support in local languages is their claim to fame, and helped set them apart in a mature but changing industry.

    Teamleader’s Sales Operations Manager, Jens Massaert, describes their search for a partner relationship management (PRM) solution, “The needs of partners are quite different from those of customers. We wanted a partner whose sole focus is on that experience. Magentrix was at the top of our scorecards, and had a solution for all our requirements.”

    With 11,000 customers across six countries, Teamleader was faced with unique challenges when evaluating PRM solutions. Most importantly, they needed to automate manual tasks and provide unique portal experiences to their two types of partners. 

    The Magentrix Solution

    Commission Partners
    Representing 70% of their overall partner program, commission partners are the fastest-growing segment of Teamleader’s channel focus. Teamleader was looking for a central place for partners to manage commissions, stay on top of recent news and events, and keep up-to-date on the latest product releases, use cases, brand assets and marketing materials. Another key requirement was on-demand training modules to drive awareness and knowledge.

    Distribution Partners
    The newest addition to Teamleader’s partner program required a vastly different portal experience. The basics are there, but these partners are also presented with targeted news relevant to distributors and learning paths. The training and certifications for this group are more in-depth. In order to be part of the program, partners first need to complete a path of learning modules and quizzes on the platform.

    Empowered Partners Drive Revenue

    Partners of all types now share a personalised, self-service environment that allows them to access all relevant information. They can self-register, see an overview of their deals by stage, and their number of licences over a particular quarter or year. Having easy access to the documentation and answers they need 24/7 empowers them to deepen not only their product knowledge, but also drive even more revenue.

    Document management has been improved significantly. Whether it’s marketing material specific to a local language such as a banner for an event or a playbook, it’s always up-to-date and partners are notified when important documents are updated. 

    Incentive management is an added benefit. Partners strive for incentives in the form of points acquired by meeting certain milestones with Teamleader. Previously handled manually, this process is now fully automated. Partners can see what they have completed, and gamification elements help motivate them to sell and support customers more, all from within the partner portal. 

    Teamleader Partner & Channel Managers

    Thanks to increased automation and user-friendliness, Teamleader’s channel team can now focus their day-to-day efforts on empowering partners. They are planning and communicating local events, adding release notes and technical write-ups, sharing customer stories and use cases as well as a range of articles.

    “After automating our PRM using Magentrix, our channel team saved at least one day a month per country. That’s 26 days a year saved on manual tasks, that we can now dedicate to building new relationships,” said Massaert.

    The more complex software and technology becomes, the more emphasis is placed on services and support. Teamleader loves the power, ease-of-use and customization with their Magentrix portal. What really stands out is the human aspect: support whenever you need it.

    Jens said, “Superb service. These words sum up our experiences working with the Magentrix support team. Never more than two rings of the phone away, always happy to help and go above and beyond. Any issue we have is always resolved quickly.”

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