Magentrix Partner Ecosystem

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The Magentrix partner ecosystem is built on transparency and continuous business alignment with each partner.

Thus, we are highly invested and committed to the success of every partner. We support partners with enablement materials, tools, co-marketing content, and rules of engagement to grow revenue while servicing mutual customer needs.

Join Magentrix’s partner ecosystem

Accelerate growth and revenue for your customers by delivering customer and partner portals that give them the tools they need to scale.

Some of the benefits include:


Access to sales, marketing, and technical resources available through our partner portal.

Market leadership

Align your company with the leader in customer and partner portals.

Vertical specialization

Create, market, sell and support joint solutions that fit the needs of specific markets.


Capture opportunities through new service offerings and additional markets with a business model that fits your growth goals.

We’re always looking for more opportunities to expand our partner ecosystem.

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Magentrix’s partners include

System integrators (SI)

For system integrator who specialize in CRM software solutions. Our program is designed to promote the delivery of portal solutions across an organization's entire ecosystem, resulting in improved user experiences.

Features & benefits:

Special Pricing Agreement | Dedicated Partner Manager | Sales Leads from Magentrix | Deal Protection (180 days) | Annual Joint Business Planning | Certification and Training

Technology partners

For technology companies who deliver enterprise software solutions. As a partner, you can jointly develop, market, and distribute our software solution while expanding your own technology business.

Features & benefits:

Share the cost of the development & distribution while each company focuses on its own areas of expertise | Support and access to intellectual property | Deliver aggregated value to users of Magentrix | Sales Leads from Magentrix | Online Sales Tools & Collateral

Affiliate partners

Do you happen to know anyone who could benefit from a Magentrix solution? Refer them to us as an affiliate partner. You will earn a finder's fee for every solution sold to the companies you refer to us.

Features & benefits:

Affiliate Banners | Affiliate Referral Links

Referral partners

Provide your customers with access to the best portal solutions in the industry while also increasing your own profits.

Features & benefits:

Earn contractual revenue share for each referral who purchases a Magentrix software license | Reward AEs with Magentrix’s Rewards & Gamification program | Deal Protection (90 Days) | Annual Joint Business Planning | Sales Tools

A partnership you can trust

Magentrix is consistently recognized for excellence in a variety of areas. Here’s a sample of some of the recognition we’ve received.

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Our partners

Magentrix has a vast ecosystem of partners to help solve complex business challenges. We are uniquely positioned to help your organization uncover portal solutions via integration, leading technology, and channel partnerships.