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    Unified Deal Registration Improves Partner Relationship Management (A Channel Must-Have)
    Deal registration in a PRM portal provides mutual accountability in your channel environment. Partners can see what actions are being taken by the internal team to support the deals they’ve submitted while giving the internal team insights into all partner activity so they can spot opportunities to assist partners with resources or advice in real time....
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    How Partner Relationship Management Streamlines Lead Distribution
    How can I make partner lead management less of pain in the budget and more of a transparent source of revenue? Lead Distribution - Step away from spreadsheets & show partners some love!...
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    Series: Collaborative PRM - Sales Enablement (2 of 3)
    Our last blog discussed your channel partners as an extension of your sales team; acting as your company ambassadors. Once qualified, your partners will need collateral, data, and sales support to start making deals and opportunities for your sales channel. ...
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    Salesforce Communities PRM Alternative
    Imagine, your internal channel team and partners working together on the same data, files, or content. No more information silos, repetitive manual data entry, or endless email threads. Using a collaborative partner relationship management community - all this and more is possible....
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    Using Metrics to Set Up Your Partners for Success
    By encouraging your partners to track and update their own activity your team gains up-to-date and accurate insights into your channel program. When partners can update their pipeline forecast data, product requests and project information, it helps your management team collaborate and make informed decisions....
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    Updates to Document Library
    We've added some new features to our Documents Library to make the user experience easier and more intuitive. Continue reading to find out how we've optimized folder descriptions and versioning information....
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    Customer Service Trends That Can Affect Your Business (How to be prepared)
    The truth: You might have the best product ever, but if you aren’t listening to your customer's needs, you’re doomed to fail. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to customer service. We've got 5 trends that will help....
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    Mobility Update: Over Half of Your Users Are on Their Phones
    Mobile traffic accounts for 52% of all internet activity. Are you supporting the larger half of your users?...
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    Powerful Customer Community Software - Build Customer Loyalty
    Having a good product is no longer enough to win over your customers. Here are the 3 biggest reasons why you need a customer community immediately....
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    The Benefits of Collaborative Partner Certification
    Incorporating a training and certification process into your partner relationship management (PRM) portal simplifies administration, provides participation insights, encourages collaboration, and offers a consistent user experience for your partners. ...
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