Planning Your PRM Test Drive
    As is the case with any good design - clearly defined requirements can make a huge difference to the user’s experience. We’re here to create a  digital experience for you and your company to witness the power and effectiveness of our solutions in a way that won't leave you feeling like roadkill....
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    Online PRM Communities - Build or Buy for Higher ROI?
    Creating an engaging online Partner Relationship Management (PRM) community - which your resellers, service providers and/or alliance partners will actually use doesn’t need to be a complex coding exercise. It takes a fraction of the time and investment to deploy a PRM community on a SaaS platform....
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    Your Community Portal - Buy vs. Build
    For the vast majority of companies, when it comes to implementing a CRM in their business, the smart thing to do is buy an existing platform. So why consider building the portal that integrates with it? ...
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    3 Ways Self-Serve Onboarding will Help your Channel Partners
    Time-consuming phone calls and endless emails trying to track the status of a deal or provide assistance with opportunities can be avoided. Onboard, certify, support and manage across channels from the first day with ease - it is possible and the best way to ensure long-lasting and profitable relationships with your partners....
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    Innovation through Collaboration: Supporting Company Ideation
    An information bottleneck or block cuts off ideas and feedback from your most valuable assets – your employees, partners, and customers. Collaborative innovation might just be exactly what your company needs to discover it's next big initiative. Think big, open up the discussion and re-energize your network. ...
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    5 Reasons Data and Collaboration are Interdependent
    Whether you are on a development team for a game-changing business application, a partner in a growing business, or managing alliances with strategic partners, you’re only as effective as your shared data. Find out about the five compelling reasons that data and collaboration rely on each other....
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    Forecasting Channel Partner Sales the Collaborative Way
    If some or all of your company revenue is driven through reseller or distribution channels, you’ll appreciate the (fictional, but true-to-life) story of Dave Presser, a Channel Manager with Acme Business Equipment (ABE). Dave manages Gold-tier resellers across North America, the UK and Ireland. He often has his first partner forecast call around 5am on Mondays, and is often back-to-back...
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    How An Employee Portal Accelerates HR Compliance Training
    In many companies, employees treat self-directed HR compliance training like they accept the license terms of personal tax software. They scroll, flip, or scan through web pages as fast as possible, and mash their mouse button when their cursor hits “I accept”. Or, they guess their way through skill-testing questions by gaming the multiple-choice questions. There are some impressive speed-readers...
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    If your professional association is like others, you are constantly under pressure to deliver more value for members. And you probably already know that community engagement is critical to sustain memberships, attract attendance at events, and maintain organizational credibility. So how can you improve the engagement of your membership?Most professional associations have mandates that include the following: ...
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    How to Maintain Collaboration While Scaling Up
    Scaling a team isn’t an easy thing to do. As teams expand, it gets more and more difficult to communicate and collaborate. Here are some challenges that you may face when scaling up your team and how a social intranet can help....
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