Digitally transform the customer experience by providing self-service to interact with the business
Customer self-service

Disrupt your industry by providing customers the ability to access the information they need, how and when they want it. Whether it’s simple account information, status of a request, documentation or downloadable patches.

Mobile friendly

Customers want to access your products and services how they want and when they want. Our portals are fully mobile responsive and branded to your existing brand providing a seamless and familiar experience.

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Newfound motivation

Gamification of any type of task provides newfound motivation to accomplish even the tedious of goals.

Boost partner productivity

These accomplished goals will result in rewards. With the rewards being configurable as either cash or points programs, they serve as an effective incentive to help keep the user coming back to complete even more.

Higher user engagement

Having engaged partners or customers provides a new opportunity to keep them informed with the latest news, training, marketing documents, etc.

Increase sales

Ultimately, use of gamification can have a great impact on sales as users become more engaged, get involved in friendly competition with one another and strive to earn more. As they earn more, you earn more.

Customer Self-Service
Customer Self Service & Forums
Improve customer engagement

Let customers engage with each other and your service reps to ask questions or collaborate on subjects of interest in dynamic online group forums. Easily manage sharing permissions to limit or open up discussions.

Resolve issues faster

Forums provide another way for customers to effectively communicate with each other and you to get help and resolve issues. Topics and marking a forum reply as an answer make it easy to find solutions.

Foster a sense of belonging

Grow engagement with topics for everyone. Create multiple interactive Discussion Forums where customers can go to get help and search for previously answered questions.

Reduce training costs

Save on training costs with a fully integrated and native Learning Management Solution (LMS) that lets you provide customers with a wide variety of on-demand training materials in a user-friendly, mobile-enabled, interactive environment.

Flexible course content

Design course materials with video, Powerpoint slides, popular authoring tools and more. From onboarding to product and technical training to updates on your latest release, your customers will be up to speed in no time.

Track and report

Complete User Management lets you easily assign courses to customers, mark quizzes and track progress in dashboards as well as many of the metrics you need to identify where customers may need help.

Content Management
Content Management
Information on demand

Help your customers find the information they need when they need it. For common questions, multiple types of knowledge resources can easily be set up; knowledge base, FAQs, announcements, even blogs.

Customer communications

From communications with specific groups to announcements and blogs, Magentrix Articles lets you create, publish, approve and share a wide variety of rich-content types in a collaborative environment.

Connect and engage

From subscriptions and digest notifications to sharing, ratings and moderated comments, you can encourage engagement, sharing and feedback with partners and within specific groups.

Cases & Deflection

Leverage your CRM to provide a customer-facing help desk where customers can submit Help Tickets and open cases that your support staff can quickly access, update, and resolve.


Find out what matters to your customers as they share, review, and collaborate on new ideas to give you important feedback. Customers can post, read, comment and vote on ideas within the Ideas module.

Document Management and Resources

Provide customers with better access to resources by sharing and storing documents, files and video in one secure, mobile-friendly location. Customers can search for resources, view in-line or download.


Gain insights into your key customer satisfaction metrics with powerful reports and dashboards. Whether its engagement or resource usage, you can easily track any data for current status.

Upcoming Events

Get invitees excited about virtual or in-person events by engaging them at the invitation stage. Include rich content such as videos, images and maps in your event listings.


Give access to products and services built around your brand.
The Marketplace module is designed to foster brand loyalty and boost customer retention.


Customers can redeem points or purchase gifts and promotional items adding value to your brand awareness. Customized to your brand so users can seamlessly land on the page, never realizing they’ve left your website.

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