Redefining Collaboration in a Digital Workplace

    Collaboration is HUGE in businesses today for a reason: because it works.

    We hear the word “collaboration” all the time and all the benefits that come with it like “teamwork”, “positive” and “ideas”, which all encompass the idea of working with others. Essentially, collaboration consists of many things, which makes it nearly impossible to try to tie down a specific definition.

    redefining collaboration

    For businesses, collaboration is considered to be an essential part of the workflow. Within organizations, collaboration means file sharing among members on a team or tracking the progress of project tasks. However, defining collaboration in the workplace doesn’t stop there. Modern collaboration removes limitations so that people are able to collaborate from anywhere and anytime. Ideas for collaboration has skyrocketed since the dawn of the digital age.

    In this blog post, we will go into further detail on how collaboration at work has taken on a new definition over the years thanks to technology.

    Then vs. Now

    Teamwork has always been the underlying factor of social collaboration. Individuals coming together combining their ideas can achieve so much more than a single person alone. It's just like how the saying goes, two heads are better than one, but in this case, multiple heads are better than one. People thrive in environments that freely allow them to collaborate with others and where their opinion will be heard by others. Over the years, we have shifted from an individualistic culture to a collaborative culture and the importance of sharing ideas to improve has grown quickly with rapid innovation.

    Collaboration at Work

    Collaboration at work, in particular, has undergone major changes throughout the years because of technology. We have gone from closed-off cubicles and individual hierarchy to open spaces and being able to contribute ideas to every level of conversation. These changes have increased employee engagement as well as built stronger work relationships among employees. In addition to strengthened connections, digital collaboration allows workers to focus on the business data that is important to them to improve work processes. This doesn't change the way they work, it just changes the efficiency of their workflows. With all these factors in mind, social collaboration in the workplace can be defined as processes that help people interact and share information to achieve a common goal.

    Technology + Collaboration = ?

    The rapid growth and spread of technology has also contributed to the increase of collaboration in the workplace. It has caused a transformation in the way that employees and organizations connect together. Obtaining and sharing knowledge at any time is faster as mobile and Internet are becoming more accessible in various locations. This allows workers to be more flexible and efficient in the way they carry out their tasks. They are no longer limited to the traditional teams and Social collaboration tools such as Magentrix Social Intranet allow for organizations to work together more efficiently.

    Some of the things that have arisen since the switch to digital include:

    • Online communities

    • Virtual meetings

    • Working from remote locations

    • 24/7 support

    • Instant file sharing

    • AND MORE!

    The Future of Collaboration Tools

    Combining social collaboration tools with a changing, digital workplace can create a more productive environment, but only if the employees are accepting of the change. Changing the workplace itself is relatively easy but changing the behaviors and mindsets of the workplace can be challenging. As we become more connected with technology, the definition of digital collaboration in the workplace will continue to evolve and shape the way we work together. The future of social collaboration tools will allow for a more connected workplace and it’s time we started working smarter - not harder.

    In our upcoming blog posts, we’ll be providing ideas for collaboration, exploring effective employee, partner and customer cases to help organizations work more effectively through collaboration.

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