Lanner Drastically Reduces Support Emails with a Magentrix Self-Service Portal

    “Our Magentrix portal’s performance is great. Overall we’re very pleased, and I haven’t seen any boundaries that would stop us from doing much more with it going forward.”

    -Roger England, Salesforce Admin and Senior Consultant at Lanner


    Lanner is a process simulation software and consultancy company with offices in Europe and the US as well as a network of resellers worldwide. They have a long history of delivering industry-specific predictive simulation assets for companies facing complex, dynamic business questions, delivering high-impact solutions for some of the world's best companies since 1996. Lanner’s work has generated billions of dollars in ROI, leading to long-lasting customer and partner relationships.  


    Business Challenge

    Although Lanner’s software operates on the latest technology, their support systems were stuck in the last century.

    Support staff were creating cases using Salesforce CRM, but replying exclusively through email. Customers were also unable to serve themselves, meaning that support staff had to answer the same questions over and over again.

    “There was no continuous improvement because the knowledge was locked in each email thread,” said Roger England, a Senior Consultant and Salesforce Admin at Lanner who was charged with discovering a better solution.


    Key Requirements

    Lanner needed a self-service customer portal to handle all their support cases and kick their addiction to email. Bi-directional Salesforce integration was a given, so that their existing case log would be united with their portal, as was a way to share frequently asked questions and solutions. Another key requirement was to provide a resource centre where business partners can download software, software licenses, training documentation and other collateral, again allowing self-service instead of relying only on email.

    Finally, they wanted the scope to grow, in particular to be able to implement discussion groups and blogs, so that customers could communicate and help each other. Of course, as a small company, Lanner also wanted these features for a reasonable cost too.


    The Magentrix Solution

    Determined to find a more comprehensive customer support solution, Roger began looking at portal sites. Lanner tried out several different options including Salesforce’s own portal offering, but none covered their requirements and offered value for money as well as Magentrix, nor did anyone provide the same quality of support right from the beginning of their free trial. He and his team were particularly impressed by just how easy it was to synchronize Salesforce data with their Magentrix portal.

    Customer reaction to their portal has also been overwhelmingly positive since its implementation, with customers reporting that it’s easier than ever to access their accounts and resolve their support cases more efficiently. Some key statistics include:

    • Email to case amount has been reduced by a full 70 percent.

    • 40 percent of their cases have been self-closed without needing any help from support staff.

    • 50 percent of registered customers have used the portal in the last 90 days.

    And Lanner’s use of Magentrix doesn’t stop there. They also created a secondary portal for their reseller network, enabling them to access relevant resources, targeted news bulletins and share a customised skills matrix, all implemented in a matter of days.


    Andrew Aitken, Lanner’s COO and sponsor for the project, has been particularly happy with the implementation, saying “it was a good experience from start to finish in my view, with Magentrix working very closely with our team to deliver what was needed. Nice job!”

    Going forward, they plan to integrate their own middleware with custom scripted pages in Magentrix so that customers can register and activate licenses directly from their portal, providing them with an optimal self-service experience from day one. “We’ve barely scratched the surface of our aspirations with Magentrix,” said England. “Thanks to Magentrix, we can now serve our customers better than ever before and move confidently forward into this century.”

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