Reconnect Mental Health Connects Clients with a Magentrix Self-Service Portal


    “Magentrix was so agile and quick that we were able to customize it how we wanted in a very short amount of time.”

    -Jennifer Wilkie, Director of IT and Shared Services at Reconnect

    Reconnect Mental Health is a mid-sized organization aiming to improve access to community health initiatives. They run a Shared Services group on behalf of 130 community health organizations in Toronto, and help their clients by implementing data reporting, supporting procurement requests, and gathering research and quotes to enable more effective liaisons between their communities and their vendors.

    Business Challenge

    The Project Management department within Reconnect had already implemented Salesforce Cases to track the client requests they were processing. However, clients couldn’t see or monitor the status of their requests. This meant that the Reconnect team had to manually update them... which, in times of high demand, was inefficient and couldn’t be done immediately. This led to clients feeling uncertain about how far their requests had progressed and facing a frustrating lack of transparency.

    Key Requirements

    The top priority for the Reconnect team was a self-service solution that would empower their clients to monitor the status of their requests themselves. They wanted it to have a user-friendly interface, so that clients would feel comfortable accessing the portal whenever they needed any information. Salesforce integration was also a given, as Reconnect needed a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their existing use of Salesforce Cases. Finally, they wanted to incorporate a Knowledge Database into their portal so that clients could access articles and community announcements that would be kept private from the general public.

    The Magentrix Solution

    Upon seeing Magentrix, Shane Newman, a project advisor, was immediately impressed by its ease of use and straightforward interface. Following a brief demo, Reconnect’s team was able to work together immediately in the agile development style that best suited them without worrying about excessive planning or coding.

    The best part? They succeeded! Getting their portal up and running took only a week thanks to Magentrix support and ease of use. “The support provided by Magentrix has been excellent,” says Jennifer Wilkie, director of IT and shared services at Reconnect, who oversaw the implementation of Magentrix. “It’s been timely and very helpful.”

    Although their portal is still in the pilot phase, client reaction has been nothing but positive and the project management team has found it much easier to share information and quotes. Clients have been particularly impressed by how easy it is to use the Magentrix interface, and have found the Knowledge Database very useful. As Reconnect moves forward, they look forward to implementing Magentrix portals into other departments of their organization.


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