dmg events Increases Global Scalability with Magentrix

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    “Magentrix helped make our agents more productive and saved us time which we now use for more client facing discussions.”

    -Faye Black, Group Marketing Director at dmg events Middle East


    dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa (dmg events) is a frontrunner in producing market-leading events and supplying in-depth industry analysis publications. Founded in 1989, dmg events manages over 80 events in 25 countries each year, bringing together more than 250,000 trade professionals from the construction, coatings, interior design, hospitality and energy sector. dmg events is currently active in North America, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia, employing over 300 staff.


    Business Challenge

    With a rapidly growing number of exhibitions and conferences hosted around the world, dmg events found that their leads management practices needed an upgrade. As sales agents were overseeing an increasing number of opportunities, dmg events needed a way to make follow-up processes more efficient, as well as gain 24/7 visibility on lead status.

    For a company set on an international growth curve, the management also wanted to be able to statistically report on sales performance. “We needed to have complete transparency and live access to reports showing the status of leads sent to agents. Information such as conversion times and ratios, reasons for lost opportunities and such information was important to us,” says Faye Black, Group Marketing Director at dmg events Middle East, “This became especially important considering the rapid growth of the company from a handful of events 5 years ago, and to now more than 80.”

    dmg events’ goal was to fast-track business development, provide better customer service and interact more personally as they were growing.


    Key Requirements

    Finding a portal solution that not only integrates with Salesforce, but also enhances transparency and efficiency in agent activity was at the top of dmg events’ priority list. Ideally, this portal would include tools that create reports on agent response times, lead conversion rates and automate agent follow up processes.

    Another key requirement was to create a central hub for sales agents to access documentation. With agents so broadly dispersed across different countries, dmg events needed to share and manage marketing content, such as brochures and videos, as well as industry analysis and reports that salespeople could use.

    Finally, these tools needed to be bundled up in a simple and easy-to-use platform that even non-technical users could frequent effortlessly.

     dmg events Agent Portal


    The Magentrix Solution

    dmg events worked with a trusted CRM business partner, Changi Consulting, based in Dubai, UAE, who recommended Magentrix. With features such as CRM integration, file sharing, and automation, they believed that Magentrix would be the perfect fit for improving their business development. “Our first impression was how affordable the price was,” says Black, “Other products were expensive and offered over-the-top features that we didn’t need.”

    Turns out the low cost wasn’t the only benefit. With consistent support from Magentrix, dmg events was able to easily build and launch a Partner Portal that was seamlessly-integrated with Salesforce. “Not only was the implementation unbelievably simple,” says Black, “But the portal features coincided with our needs and greatly enhanced our current business activities.”

    With the help of their new Partner Portal, dmg events was able to achieve a:

    • 40% reduction in time needed for lead follow-up

    • 50% increase in speed of access to knowledge

    “Overall, we received a high value of benefits and features compared to the price we paid,” says Black, “We’re now running 80 shows a year with over 100 agents and salespeople - being able to scale up so much this fast would have been a challenge without the help of Magentrix.”

    dmg events believes that investing in such dynamic software solutions is a key necessity to empowering their employees and creating a growing community of business and trade professionals across the world. “Our lead management is taken care of," says Black, "And we can now continue to scale without barriers."

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