Social eLearning

The Social eLearning module is a simple way to create courses, lessons and quizzes so users can access training materials on demand. Fully integrated with Magentrix Intranet, portals and the Social Collaboration tools, this add-on module lets you create a wide variety of online training materials in a user-friendly, mobile-enabled, interactive environment where users can complete lessons, compliance training, program onboarding and certification.

Social eLearning (LMS)

Course Builder

Easily create new courses, change or remove courses and manage course content including powerpoint and video.


Set up quizzes and assessments, specify pass-mark, time limits and add to courses to test knowledge and reinforce learning.

Course Assignment

Allows Instructors/Administrators to review learners, which courses they have taken or requested and assign course to users.

Dashboard & Insights

View activity reports, approve course requests, view marked status and Activity Log.

Social Collaboration

Messaging and notifications for Instructors to collaborate on course content and for communication between Instructors and Learners.

Course Directory

Search and browse published courses and make requests to be assigned to a course.

eLearning Reports & Dashboards

Course Preview

Lets course content creator view the module as a learner to ensure clarity and comprehension.


Define and issue certificates of completion for learner achievements.

Seamless Integration

Single-Sign-On with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, SAML 2.0 and complete API.

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