Magentrix Customer Community Helps Jonas Construction Software Put Customers First

     jonas construction software

    Founded in 1990, Jonas Construction Software is used by thousands of people in the construction industry across North America. Jonas set out to build a better integrated construction software solution and has succeeded in building a loyal customer base. So much so that 85% of their customers have been with them for more than 10 years. In 2003, they became a division of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), a global software company that has over 10,000 employees and generates consolidated revenues exceeding US$1.8 billion.

    Business Challenge

    Jonas Construction Software has a strong belief in supporting the success of their customers. Providing their customers with the best service is a top priority and they do this by constantly improving and making quality software their customers can count on. As part of this commitment to helping their customers succeed, Jonas was looking for ways to strengthen these relationships through an online community.

    Prior to using Magentrix, Jonas had developed a customer portal where they were able to connect to some of their customers, but not all. The portal provided access to a knowledge base, online support, and training videos but, “because the cost of adding all users was prohibitive, we were only able to provide the online support for about 25% of our 7500 users,” said Oren Falkovitz, Marketing Manager for the Jonas Construction Division.

    Because their mission is to provide the best customer service and support the growth and success of their customers, it prompted them to search for another solution that would allow them to provide more help and knowledge to more customers, as well as create a community where they can be transparent with their customers and build engagement.

    Key Requirements

    During the search for their next customer portal solution, Jonas Construction Software put together a list of requirements that correlated with their ambition to provide the best customer experience for their customers:

    • The new customer portal must be integrated with their Salesforce CRM
    • It must be able to store documentation and resources
    • It should provide an ideas module to allow customers to share suggestions
    • It must be an affordable solution that fits their budget, and
    • It needed to look sleek and modern with the Jonas brand look and feel.

    The Magentrix Solution

     jonas construction software

    Keeping all of their requirements in mind, Falkovitz was impressed by what the Magentrix Customer Community had to offer. He was able to check off all the boxes on his list and start planning the online community, called Jonas Connect, which would be available to all of their customers. The new Magentrix solution enables 24/7 customer support, where customers can access the information they need in the searchable knowledge base and document library, submit help requests, post ideas and manage their account all in one area. As the administrator, Falkovitz is pleased with the ability to oversee customer requests or issues within a single location.

    The best part of it all? Falkovitz loves how easily it synchronized with their Salesforce CRM data, stating “I know that when customers log into Magentrix the information they see is accurate.” He likes the ability for users to access video content with the documentation and that users are able to post comments and collaborate with others. He has also been able to give customers greater levels of permission as compared to their previous portal, so that certain users can create other users on their account, edit information and even upload their own documentation.

    “The Magentrix Support Team has been extremely helpful throughout the implementation process. At the end of the day, Magentrix has given us a cost-effective solution with access for all of our users, while saving us about $30,000 a year.” - Oren Falkovitz, Marketing Manager at Jonas Construction Software.

    Jonas is also planning to launch the Magentrix Social eLearning module, a fully integrated LMS that customers will be able to access in the Customer Community portal. Falkovitz is very excited about being able to create training courses to educate customers quickly about new products and updates. “Our customers will be able to self-train by going through these courses,” said Falkovitz, “and that will save time for the professional services department as well as reduce the number of customer support cases coming in.”

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