How Magentrix has Elevated the Alpha FX Customer Experience

    Alpha FX is a market leader in delivering commercial foreign exchange and execution solutions to medium and large corporations. They provide a high level of personal service to their clients and believe that delivering a great customer experience is key to achieving their organizational goals. Alpha FX also takes security very seriously and wants their clients to have confidence that they’re working with a company that is reliable.

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    Business Challenge

    Alpha FX works in a fast-paced environment that can involve dealing with millions of dollars at any point in time. As part of their service, they provide clients with real-time information via an online portal, which clients can use to book transactions remotely. In order to provide a competitively priced service therefore, it is important the portal provides accurate, real-time exchange rates. Even the smallest movements in the currency market can make a big difference to the client in terms of savings, which is why it’s important to them to monitor the market accurately.

    As Alpha FX develops their business, their technology develops with them. Their CRM had been useful in helping them manage their customer data. However, having the CRM data available wasn’t enough to provide the level of customer service they aspired to. When a customer needed information, Alpha FX staff would have to manually generate a report and send it to the customer. This manual process was slower and less efficient than the company wanted and meant customers couldn’t always have instant access to the information they wanted.

    Alpha FX knew they wanted to elevate their customers’ experience by giving them easier access to the real-time data they need to make their decisions quickly. A solution that would provide their customers with a place to manage their bookings securely was also crucial for them to move forward with their customer experience efforts.

    Key Requirements

    During their search for a technological solution, Alpha FX wanted a highly secure customer portal that they could customize to show exactly what they wanted to display to their customers. This technology needed to be able to work side by side with their other fast-paced technologies to provide their customers with real-time information about changes in the foreign exchange market. The tools inside the portal must be able to fit all their customer needs, including the ability to update their own information, have access to the data they need, and more. Being able to synchronize with their CRM data was another requirement, so that their existing customer data would integrate smoothly with their new portal.

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    The Magentrix Solution

    Since building their customer portal with the Magentrix Customer Community solution two years ago, Alpha FX has elevated their customer experience efforts and are able to provide more real-time support than ever before. The Magentrix Customer Community allowed them to build a self-service platform that let customers update their own information and access real-time reporting on demand. And with the bi-directional synchronization with their CRM, it had a huge impact on reducing the amount of manual processing that needed to be done everyday. This, in turn, was great for increasing internal efficiencies.

    Sophisticated reporting was the most important feature that customers needed, so the Alpha FX team designed and customized a variety of detailed reports and made them available via the portal. Now customers could login to manage their account, and easily access the real-time data whenever they needed it. This way, their customers are immersed in a self-service environment where they feel empowered.

    “The beauty of Magentrix is that the integration with our CRM is seamless,” said Neil Brown, Head of Technology at Alpha FX. “And we know that the data our customers are seeing is accurate and up-to-date.”

    Magentrix Customer Community has been able to evolve alongside Alpha FX in providing the most up-to-date technology to keep up with the fast-paced foreign exchange market. By using the Magentrix Customer Community, Alpha FX has delivered on their goal to elevate their customer experiences, whilst continuing to keep data secure.

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