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    As the nation’s leading Platinum partner of the Greenway PrimeSUITE electronic health records software system, MDS Medical’s success relies on a veteran staff of Health IT consultants who tailor products and solutions to meet each provider group’s unique needs. The company provides revenue cycle management (RCM) services, automated appointment reminders, patient relationship management (PRM), analytics, patient check-in tablets, and managed I.T. services integrated with PrimeSUITE into a single streamlined environment.

    Andrea Schroeder, MDS Medical

    A key factor for us in selecting Magentrix was the single integrated platform. We didn't need any add-ons to make it work.

    Andrea Schroeder, MDS Medical

    Business Challenge

    A Salesforce CRM customer since 2006, MDS Medical needed to deliver lots of time-sensitive content out to customers quickly and efficiently. A streamlined way to securely share documents and videos with specific user groups as well as provide training resources was critical as the company grew. According to Andrea Schroeder at MDS Medical, “Our customers are busy healthcare providers and engaging effectively with them online is really mission-critical to us".


    As MDS Medical evaluated portal solutions they looked for seamless integration with Salesforce CRM as well as the comprehensive security required to protect sensitive healthcare data under HIPAA. Because they support over 1,000 providers, they wanted to keep support costs under control by making it easy for customers to submit help tickets through the portal and to upload large files as attachments.

    Since the company is growing so rapidly, they also wanted a solution where price was predictable as they scaled. “Magentrix quickly gave us everything we needed to make a decision”, says Schroeder.

    The Magentrix Solution

    One of the reasons MDS Medical selected Magentrix was for its role-based hierarchical security model that lets them create and manage different role levels so that users only have access to their own data. Roles also control read/write permissions down to the field level so users can be permitted to update selected parts of their own contact info. This has enabled MDS Medical to capture more accurate address information for emails, newsletters, and other marketing activities and has led to better marketing penetration of existing customers.

    As the company grows, the need for support has grown as well. MDS Medical has been able to reduce their support caseload by providing more self-service features such as video content on demand, shared document libraries and a searchable knowledgebase through the Magentrix portal. Customers can now upload large files as attachments and MDS Medical has a support solution that provides adequate storage without having to maintain a separate FTP server.

    MDS Medical customer portal

    It's now really easy for us to develop and launch new initiatives as business needs demand.

    Andrea Schroeder, MDS Medical

    MDS Medical’s product line has also expanded and the portal makes it easy to manage and update product information and resources on a wide range of products. Since launching the portal, MDS Medical has added a customer referral program, a blog, new product rollouts, training webinar registration, and partner-hosted webinars.

    Users love the new portal especially because they can quickly and easily get the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it. Video content has become very popular and with private Vimeo stats, Schroeder can monitor what content is most popular.

    MDS Medical prides itself on innovation and as Greenway’s largest partner, they take a leadership role in many initiatives. The new portal enables the company to foster an active online community among its customers with initiatives such as collaboration on custom clinical templates that doctors are building for different treatment protocols. These take a lot of effort to build and the doctors needed a way to leverage their community network to make this more efficient. MDS Medical is now using the portal to organize different document folders by specialty so that the doctors can collaborate and share these templates much more effectively.

    Schroeder has been pleased with the implementation and the progress they have made in a short time saying, “Magentrix is astonishingly accommodating with support and enhancement requests. Often we will find that just an offhanded comment about a product feature will suddenly show up in the product.”

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