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    It was Magentrix that pushed us to move toward centralizing everything in Salesforce.

    Toby Linkugel, Operations Support Engineer at SecureAuth

    SecureAuth Corporation is a leading provider for 2-Factor Authentication, SSO, and IdM services for SaaS, web, network, and mobile apps for corporate resources. Fueled by the cloud and mobile phenomena, and the security requirements that these disruptive computing platforms require; SecureAuth has experienced an accelerated rate of growth.

    Business Challenge

    With a rapidly expanding customer and partner base, SecureAuth needed an efficient way for partners to register deals and closely engage with them on customer opportunities. SecureAuth evaluated a homegrown portal solution, but determined that it was far too costly and not as productive as a platform like that of Magentrix.

    The Magentrix Solution

    SecureAuth chose Magentrix and with their support developed a partner portal. “Magentrix opened our eyes to how we could better support our customers as well,” says Toby Linkugel, Operations Support Engineer at SecureAuth. To support their growing customer base better, the SecureAuth team realized that it was critical to communicate and share information between departments. With many different data sources for different groups of users, SecureAuth departments had no efficient way of collaborating or sharing needed information. Everyone needed to be looking at 'one truth' — the same data but with different views for internal staff, customers, and partners.

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    “It was Magentrix that pushed us to move toward centralizing everything in Salesforce,” says Linkugel. Disparate departments could now have a centralized view of the data and better align with the whole organizational process.

    Toby Linkugel, Operations Support Engineer at SecureAuth

    Because of their seamless integration, Magentrix gave us the common view so more people could share information and collaborate.

    Toby Linkugel, Operations Support Engineer at SecureAuth

    Magentrix showed the company how rapidly it could deploy the partner portal and enable communication to streamline deals. It gave visibility into the status of each deal as well as accountability for each of the stakeholders; and as Linkugel says, “We wanted to foster a better relationship with partners and customers and it’s exceeding our expectations. The Partner Portal has contributed to a significant increase in potential revenue.”

    SecureAuth partner portal mobile

    Now, the whole company is moving toward utilizing Salesforce as the central repository with Magentrix portal sites enabling the support team, project management, and marketing to collaborate in ways that were not possible before. Concludes Linkugel, “Even the CEO and CFO like it because it’s affordable and scalable. The Magentrix solution has become a valuable asset to our company.”





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