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Why Magentrix PRM?

Channel Partners are producing when they can get the resources they need to close deals. Make it easy for them to get support on-demand in a self-serve portal. From faster on-boarding, streamlined deal registration, access to information and real-time collaboration with channel managers, partners couldn't be happier.

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Customized to your customers

Give customers the autonomy to help themselves, get support, access resources, and create a place where they can help each other. A branded and fully customizable web portal automates repetitive tasks and lets customers engage on their terms. Stand out from the crowd by disrupting and digitally transforming your industry.

Integrate the data you want, to the platform you want
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Here's what people have to say about Magentrix
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Thai Nguyen
Quotation We launched exactly what we wanted...
a flexible self-service customer support portal integrated seamlessly to our Salesforce instance. Highly recommended.
Thai Nguyen
Inspire Associates
Lisa Dehoyos
Quotation Magentrix is helping to take our business into the 21st century! It will allow us to have a relationship with our customers like we've never had before.
Lisa Dehoyos
Western Shamrock
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