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Empower your Employees

Free your team from endless emails and let them collaborate with familiar social tools to maximize productivity. Learn more

Centralize your Resources

Keep all your files in one organized library with powerful tools to access what you need when you need it. Learn more

Support for Everyone

Create apps to automate processes across your organization for every department; HR, onboarding, sales enablement and IT help desk. Learn more

Power your Communications

Make sure everyone is up to speed on the latest company-wide announcements, news, feedback and resources. Learn more

Train your Teams

The Social eLearning module provides seamless access to training content and quizzes. Fully integrated with Magentrix portals, this add-on module lets you create a wide variety of online training materials in a user-friendly, interactive environment where users can complete lessons, compliance training, program onboarding and certification. Learn more

Learning and Training
Articles - knowledge bases, FAQs and blogs

Power your Communications

Make sure everyone on your team is up to speed on the latest company-wide announcements, news, feedback and resources. Help employees quickly find the information they need to answer questions and resolve problems with searchable knowledge bases, FAQs and other self-service resources.

  • Knowledge Base
  • Employee Announcements
  • Policies
  • FAQ
  • Blogs
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Track your Metrics

Create great-looking reports and dashboards to get the insights you need on the pulse of your organization. Learn more

Embrace new Ideas

Find out what matters to your community as they share, review, and collaborate on Ideas to give you important feedback.

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Integrate your Systems

Take advantage of bidirectional synchronization with your Salesforce or Dynamics CRM to maintain a single data source of record. Learn more

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