Should I Be Using a Mobile-optimized Site or a Mobile App?



    Mobile technology is changing the way we know and interact with the world. Just ask yourself this, what do you do when you are looking for information? A few years ago, you may have run upstairs to the desktop PC in your room and did a search of the web. A few years later, you might have opened up your laptop. But today, you reach into your pocket and pull out your smartphone. With recent developments in wearable technology, soon mobile devices will become an extension of the person making it even easier to discover information.  


    It is No Longer About Why You Should Go Mobile but How


    Research from Canalys shows a rapid decline in desktop sales while tablet sales steadily increase. Based on this research, they predict tablet sales will exceed desktop sales by the end of next year. According to 2013 Mobile Path-to-Purchase study by Telmetrics and xAd, half of all internet searches are done on mobile devices.


    The question for businesses is no longer why you should go mobile but how. Many companies jump to apps for their mobile solution. But an app has several limitations. It is time consuming and costly to develop. It restricts you to a single platform (iOS apps aren’t compatible with Android, Blackberry, and feature phones). As well, in-app content is hidden from search engines, a missed opportunity for your company to be discovered by your target market.


    Half of Your Entire Target Audience May Be Searching for Your Company From Their Mobile Devices


    In most cases, a mobile-optimized site is a smarter investment. For many small to medium sized businesses, a mobile-ready site not only fulfills all their business needs but does it more efficiently than an app. Mobile-optimized sites are easier to create and maintain, accessible through all platforms and gives your audience the ability to share your content through social media, email, text and more.


    However, the best advantage a mobile-optimized site offers is its ability to help satisfy a common goal most companies share; expanding their reach in their target market. Mobile-optimized sites allow search engines like Google to access your content and increases your chances for discovery. Search engines also factor mobile-optimization into the ranking process which improves your site’s search engine optimization. This is an important consideration, especially for new businesses who are struggling to reach out to their target market.


    Believe it or not, there are development platforms today that do all this work for you! When you are searching for a site or portal development platform, look for one that uses responsive design and HTML5. This allows you to design your site only once while enabling it to be mobile-ready. User viewing and navigation experience will be optimized for smartphones and tablets of every size and your site will be fully responsive to touch gestures; no custom code needed.


    Half of your entire target audience may be searching for your company from their mobile devices. Choose the best way for your business to stay mobile and don’t get left behind.



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