Introducing Magentrix Document Versioning!

    Struggling with a cluttered Document Library? Tired of endlessly scrolling through seemingly identical files to find the right version? Want to make accountability and transparency the order of the day? Smooth out these hassles with the Document Versioning feature in your portal. Rather than having to scroll through endless versions of the same file to find the correct one, make your life easier by incorporating them all into the same document.

    To start using the Document Versioning Feature, simply open a file in the Document Library and click on the three dots in the upper righthand corner. Select Upload New Version, choose your new file, and that's it!

    Upload New Version

    Want to revert the document to an older version? No problem! All of the older versions of your file will still be available to open whenever you need in the Version History, so any important modifications remain close at hand for you to review. To switch to another Version, navigate to the button with the three dots once again and select Version History. Find the file you want to revert to and click Make Current Version. None of the Versions will be deleted when you revert or update any files, but if you want to permanently remove an edition, simply click the "X" icon in the right corner.

     Current Version

    Keeping track of everything that’s occurred with your files- whether that be views, downloads, modifications, revisions, or new versions- is also easier than ever before. Simply access the Audit Log to keep track of your employees’ activities with the file, and keep in contact about it with social collaboration features. The combination of clarity and cooperation will help you get through projects and reports more quickly than ever before!

     Audit Log

    Coupled with the Document Viewer, which allows you to preview files directly from your portal, it’s never been easier to collaborate and ensure that every employee is kept up to date on the files that they need to succeed. Try it out today!

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