Does Social Collaboration Work for Work?

    Social media has embedded itself into our daily lives transforming the way we communicate and distribute information at the most fundamental level. Collectively, we spend 700 billion minutes on Facebook every month and send over 9,000 Tweets a second (Statistic Brain). The influence of social media is undeniable. From this new communication paradigm, springs a digital form of social collaboration that allows us to collectively co-operate in increasingly more efficient ways.

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    Now, when we have an announcement or a compelling video to share with friends and family, we don’t have to conduct a meeting or send a bulk email. Instead, we login to our social media accounts and make a post or status update. Immediately our friends and family can reply with their thoughts and opinions, likes and dislikes which we can view in real-time no matter where we are.

    But how can organizations use the collaborative aspects of social media to their advantage? What do you and your employees use to communicate at work? Email? Is that how you share files, information and stay connected with distributed workers? How long does it take to schedule meetings around everyone’s busy schedules?


    If people around the world are reaping the benefits of social media with their personal communication, why can’t your organization do the same?


    Below is a list of the top social collaboration tools your organization can use to streamline internal communications:

    Documents Library and Wikis

    If you have nothing else, start with this. The ability to share information efficiently is a crucial step towards productive collaboration. With document libraries, you can expand the type of information you share to include videos, photos, audio clips and much more all in one location. Wikis allow you to consistently keep all parts of your company connected by giving them easy access to the latest and greatest information.


    Blogs and Microblogging

    Blogs are a great way to keep ideas flowing and foster an environment for inspiration and creativity. Perhaps the greatest gift popular social media like Facebook and Twitter has given us is the concept of microblogging. Tweets and Facebook status updates have enabled us to broadcast content in a condensed and efficient manner. In a business context, microblogging can be very effective. Your company’s online document library could possess comment and share capabilities to generate discussions on specific files while automatically archiving them for employees to track and follow. This significantly reduces emails and meetings.



    Forums are a great digital space to hold discussions for brainstorming and exchanging ideas. You may also use it as a digital bulletin board to keep all parts of your company updated and connected.


    Social Collaboration

    Today, there’s no shortage of applications that offer social collaboration tools such as Dropbox, Vimeo, and other platforms for professional content sharing and management. So why aren’t businesses rushing to make this change?


    The limitation to all these applications is that they are separate platforms that can’t be integrated with one another. Having to toggle between multiple applications for a single project can cause confusion and become counter-productive overtime.

    When searching for a solution, it’s important to look for something that unites all social collaboration tools into one location. For example, an employee portal combines all social collaboration tools in one comprehensive location. It’s also capable of integrating with your organization’s CRM like Salesforce. As a part of your organization’s intranet, your employees can develop their own online profiles that they can customize with personal information. Users can follow each other and make posts on one another’s profile pages. This provides a great space for collaboration and discussion.

    Additionally, look for a solution that is mobile-ready to allow your employees to connect on-the-go. With all these qualities, your social collaboration solution will streamline internal communication and help bring speedy connectivity among your employees.

    Don’t stop social collaboration at the personal level; let it redefine internal communication for your business.


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