Connected Workplace: A Day in the Life

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    Bob arrives at work, grabs his cup of coffee and opens up his laptop. He logs onto the company employee portal and starts going through his notifications on his homepage. Bob notices that a few of his colleagues have left comments on the Proposal document he shared yesterday. He reads Ron’s great suggestion to include some key stats from the recent Employee Survey in the Proposal. Bob figures John from HR should have this information. So he goes to the People Directory, searches John’s name and clicks on his social profile. Bob makes a quick post on John’s wall requesting the information.

    Next, Bob opens the announcements forum and checks for new updates. “New Hires Start Next Week” reads the first post. The company is expanding quickly and recently hired a wave of new employees. Bob comes up with the idea that they should start a New Team Members forum where they welcome new staff and include a short bio and profile picture of them. He goes to the Ideas page and submits his idea.

    Bob returns to his homepage where there’s a notification showing that John has mentioned him in a comment. He clicks on the notification and it brings him to the Employee Survey Results document. “@Bob you can find that stat you’re looking for on this doc” wrote John in the comments section. Bob likes the comment and then downloads the document.

    He checks his calendar and realizes he has a meeting at 3PM. Bob grabs his stuff and heads out. While he’s in the cab, he recalls another report with some stats that might be useful for the proposal he’s about to give at this meeting. Bob whips out his phone and logs onto the portal. He goes to the Reports page, makes a quick search. Bob arrives to his meeting just in time. He takes a deep breath then walks through the doors.

    After the successful meeting, Bob excitedly takes out his phone and posts on his department’s user group, “We did it! They approved it!”. Susie and Ron instantly like the post.

    On his way back to the office, Bob checks the status of the Idea he submitted earlier and realizes that it has been voted to the top of the page. The company has changed the status of the idea to Under Consideration. Bob smiles. It’s been a good day.

    What would your day look like in a connected workplace?


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