Driving Engagement for Channel Sales and Customers in a Pandemic, Now a Little Easier With Magentrix Gamification

    Magentrix PRM and customer portals provider rethinks partner and customer engagement, introduces proven method to reinvigorate user activity. Motivation is key during these unprecedented times.

    Release date: September 16, 2020

    Toronto, ON - Magentrix, a software provider specializing in partner relationship management (PRM) portals and customer success portals, has announced a new feature that can help make engaging partners and customers significantly more likely. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, when engagement with one’s sales channel partners is paramount to success, Magentrix aims to facilitate this process with its new rewards and redemption modules - a functionality very few sales channel management providers currently offer.

    The Magentrix rewards module allows you to incentivize your channel partners by building a rewards program. This serves as a way to drive partner or customer engagement as it gamifies the experience, “We know that the best way for our customers to increase sales and reach objectives sooner is with more engagement from their partners or customers. What better or more exciting way to do that than with gamification? A highly impactful method to use in motivating people, this is a great tool to have during these unprecedented times when engagement is very important to keeping operations flowing” said Sam Arjmandi, CTO and co-founder at Magentrix.

    Rewards can be designed as either cash or points programs. Users can enroll in a program and then claim rewards in the portal through select redemption methods, supported by TangoCard. TangoCard makes the redemption process convenient as recipients have over 200 gift card brands to choose from and a selection of 29 different currencies in which they can claim it in.

    "A highly impactful method to use in motivating people, this is a great tool to have during these unprecedented times when engagement is very important to keeping operations flowing."

    Gamify the Engagement Experience: Save Time and Drive Results

    The portals provider has introduced the rewards and redemption modules to provide its customers with a new way to make engagement more exciting, fulfilling, and easier to assess, analyze, and optimize efforts. This can be especially useful for sales, training and educational purposes. Users can receive points for logging in, completing a course, registering a deal, registering for an event, idea submission, and more, “I am very excited to announce our rewards and redemption modules. I’m even more excited to see how customers will make use of it. To see which features will have the most impact and see what people accomplish, from instant performance assessment to improved knowledge retention, this can surely help anyone lunge towards their bottom line” said Vahid Fotovat, CEO and co-founder at Magentrix.

    A benefit of gamifying the experience is increased motivation - gamification of any type of task provides newfound motivation to accomplish even the most tedious of goals. Achieving goals can result in badges and rewards and a sense of accomplishment often instills pride in the user, especially after they see their name on the leaderboard. This can have an addictive sort of effect, driving the user to return and engage even more. More engagement paves the way for more productivity and eventually, the end-goal, whether that be hitting sales targets, completing training courses or other purposes.

    Some of the most successful gamification examples include those found at DuoLingo and Codecademy. Duolingo has grown to 300 million users today since its inception and grew 100 million users in one year alone from 2017 to 2018. Codecademy Pro has achieved close to 100% year-over-year growth as of January of this year. These brands’ success rely on using elements of games in a non-game environment. That is what makes for gamification - it need not involve a full-fledged, sophisticated game.

    For more information on how to boost partner or customer engagement with Magentrix’s rewards and redemption capability or to start using it today, call 1-888-961-4736 or email info@magentrix.com.

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