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    We now have a flexible RAD solution and an API with a robust security framework on a rock solid cloud service.

    Sean Morris, CEO and Founder of Aizan

    Aizan is a leading provider of telephone services that help their customers avoid the hassle of researching, acquiring, and managing complex Telco infrastructure and hardware. After 14 years in business, the company found itself with a number of separate legacy applications for providing customer facing services and internal processes. Not only was this confusing for customers and staff, but significant time was being spent managing multiple sign-ons and resetting credentials when customers forgot them.

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    Business Challenge

    The team at Aizan wanted to create a number of new applications as well as integrate the legacy ones into a single Portal view with Single Sign-On (SSO). They needed a solution that would enable them to integrate any platform with OAuth and SSO and then easily expose the apps through the portal.

    The Magentrix Solution

    Aizan selected Magentrix because they wanted a solution that was smart and flexible that they could manage themselves. Once they selected Magentrix they realized the benefits of developing a single CRM database, and selected Salesforce CRM to integrate seamlessly with Magentrix.

    At first, they used the API to integrate the legacy apps as well as Google Calendar, Mail and Broadsoft. One of the new apps built on Magentrix provided a much needed centralized resource for staff objective and task management and was built in less than a week. Today, the Telco Asset Manager portal provides a central vantage point for customers and a single point of contact for monitoring telephony assets and multiple telephone company contracts and relationships.

    Summarizing the results of working with Magentrix, Sean says, “We moved from a planning focus to Rapid Application Development (RAD) where we are now much more agile and efficient with our development resources. Magentrix lets us hide the multiple sources and easily manage a common view portal. It lets us add in new services with white-label products and keep a consistent branding and customer experience."

    Sean Morris, CEO and Founder, Aizan Technologies

    Above all, the people at Magentrix are like the product; responsive, open minded, flexible and there to help us get the job done.

    Sean Morris, CEO and Founder of Aizan
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