Dunbar Digital Armor Enhances Customer Experience with Magentrix Portal

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    Magentrix solved multiple business problems with one solid solution.

    Jason Miller, Dunbar Digital Armor

    For nearly a century, customers have relied on Dunbar Armored as a trusted advisor in safeguarding their valuables. As valuables have gone digital, so has Dunbar. Today, Dunbar Digital Armor provides industry leading cyber-security solutions  through a subscription model. 

    Business Challenge

    The Dunbar Digital Cloud delivers Security-as-a-Service though a unified online business-to-business (B2B) platform. A key part of this is to centralize everything they sell in one view, much like an app store that provides a solution interface for customers. Surfacing disparate solutions in one place at the same time as keeping concepts simple can be challenging and expensive.

    Not only did they need to extend their products into a portal, but the entire company also needed visibility into each touch point with customers. The company also wanted to simplify customer and partner engagement with one place for them to go for product, support resources and sharing of information. By providing a single portal and dashboard, customers and partners would have a contiguous view across disparate applications and systems.


    The Magentrix Solution

    After looking at several other options, Dunbar Digital Armor chose Magentrix because of the seamless integration with Salesforce CRM. With Magentrix, they could unify an app store, billing, support, provide info to enhance the customer experience as well as add on other future portals that would leverage the CRM information.

    According to Jason Miller, Director of Product Management at Dunbar Digital Armor, “About 80% of the functionality we needed was out of the box and we were able to deploy very fast at about 20% of the cost of other solutions.” Magentrix solved the main business problem right away by bringing individual product solutions into a single portal solution. Disparate systems now have a web interface for product and partners now have easy access to resources they need.

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    Magentrix solved multiple business problems in one solution with a low implementation cost and overhead. The team at Magentrix are good listeners and they actively evolve the product and features based on customer feedback. They’re a great partner.

    Jason Miller, Dunbar Digital Armor
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