No-code vs. low-code vs. code in PRM software - What's the difference?

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    The no-code PRM that gives you freedom

    In the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) space, the call for flexibility and ease of customization echoes loud.

    A top complaint among prospects searching for a partner management software is the desire for a no-code or low-code platform that empowers them to freely make customizations.

    But what does this really mean?

    Understanding no-code & low-code in partner portals

    First, what is no-code, low-code and code?

    No-Code Software:

    No-code software allows users to perform customizations without writing any code.

    It typically relies on visual interfaces, drag-and-drop features, and pre-built components, making it accessible to users without coding skills.

    Low-Code Software:

    Low-code software involves a combination of visual elements, pre-built components and some level of coding. 

    Code Software:

    Traditional code software involves writing and configuring programming code using programming languages like Python, Java, or JavaScript. It provides maximum flexibility and customization but requires coding expertise.

    No-code vs. Low-code PRM graphic


    In terms of partner portals, the significance of a no-code or low-code platform empowers portal managers to autonomously customize the PRM to their needs or make any adjustments required for day-to-day partner management, engagement or partner operations tasks. All without relying on developers or the PRM vendor.

    Some routine tasks that a partner manager might need to tackle in a PRM that traditionally involve developer assistance include:

    • Creating a landing page
    • Updating a partner sign-up form
    • Changing deal registration forms
    • Adjusting partner-permitted fields and additional information
    • Modifying deal summary page categories, columns, and data fields
    • Altering the PRM's appearance, such as updating colors or logos for branding
    • Syncing new fields from the CRM

    Magentrix stands out as the sole PRM on the market today that offers a 100% no-code platform.

    → All features are ready-to-go out-of-the-box, empowering users to independently customize without the need for development intervention.

    → And it doesn't stop there, as a platform as a service (PaaS), Magentrix's unique capabilities empower you to do even more. Magentrix being a PaaS, enables your team with the ultimate flexibility in software – making it possible to customize anything desired – far beyond the reach of other PRMs.

    Why no-code matters for partner teams

    For PRM users, particularly those in early-stage partner programs or scaling partner ecosystems, the demand for agility and speed is paramount.

    No-code eliminates unnecessary delays associated with complex PRMs, facilitating a smoother journey to prove the ROI for partner programs.

    Partner experience (PX) : The ultimate priority

    Choosing a PRM that isn't no-code or low-code can have a cascading impact on the partner experience (PX), subsequently influencing partner engagement.

    Potential repercussions include extended timelines for partner initiatives, potentially leading to partner disinterest, distractions, or challenges in retaining partners who encounter suboptimal user experiences.

    Magentrix's ethos emphasizes that, to build a partner program that stands out, PX should be the guiding principle – and in avoiding partner portal software that require heavy coding involvement, partner teams can truly streamline their processes and procedures, optimize their workflows, and enhance partner engagement.


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