Grow your channel sales with self-service partner community

Partner Deal Registration

Automate and simplify deal registration processes. With Magentrix your partners can submit leads and opportunities, review their status and get self-service help in every step of the sales process.

Attach files and other items to leads, receive notifications and alerts to stay on top of every opportunity within the partner portal.

  • Submit leads and opportunities
  • Review and analyze the deal status
  • Get help and support directly in the portal
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Mobile-enabled Partner Community
Partner Leads

Channel Management

Your channel teams can easily review and approve partner deals in the CRM while your partners stay updated in the portal.

Track partner activities to gain advanced visibility into your channel performance. Collaborate on partner deals by providing your channel with sales resources, product information and support.

  • Review, approve and assign deals
  • Communicate and collaborate on opportunities
  • Provide partner help and support
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Partner Recruitment, Activation and Onboarding

Streamline your partners in no time. Quickly activate, enroll and qualify them through your partner community to hit the ground running. Easily align and manage coordination between you and your channels by processing new partner requests and sending them status updates.

Onboard your partners faster. Provide on-demand product training, onboarding programs and certifications directly through your portal, eliminating the need for additional software or services. Learn more

Partner Recruitment, Activation and Onboarding

Articles, Knowledge Base and Announcements

Support partners with the information they need to answer common questions and actively resolve issues with searchable knowledge bases, FAQs and other self-service options. Communicate and collaborate with all partners in your network or select specific groups to share content with using announcements, blogs and even event listings. Learn more

Partner Support

Partner Support

Cases and Help Desk

Help your partners give better support to their own customers. Allow your partners to quickly submit support cases on behalf of their customers and track their help ticket status, giving them the ability to stay on top of their client support while relying on your expertise.

Help your partners provide better support to their customers. With Magentrix’s help ticketing solution, your partners can quickly submit support cases on behalf of their customers and track their status. Give your partners the ability to stay on top of client support while drawing on your expertise. Use Magentrix Support to bridge the service gap and ensure your partners and their customers have their questions answered. Learn more

File and Document Sharing

Provide your partners with better service and support by storing all your files in one secure, mobile-friendly location. Manage sharing options and document versioning to insure your partners find what they need, when they need it.

  • Access and collaborate on files
  • Control permissions
  • Attach files to records (cases, opportunities and quotes)
  • View document without downloading the file
  • Control document versioning
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Partner Files Sharing
Partner Dashboard, Analytics and Reporting

Analyze Your Channel Performance

Track, measure and optimize your partner program based on the insights from the partner community solution. With dashboards and reports you can quickly measure leads, opportunities and deal metrics to insure you maximize the ROI. With all the data available, it is easy to make the right business decisions and grow your channel sales.

Quickly summarize, filter, and sort your data by creating tabular reports on an intuitive drag and drop interface. Easily spot subtle trends with the dashboard designer and create charts and graphical representations of your data.

  • Report Builder
  • Dashboards
  • Automated Notifications
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Partner Collaboration and Social Sharing

Community Forums
Let partners engage with each other and your service reps in online community forums. Learn more

Find out what matters to your partners as they share, review, and collaborate on ideas to give you important feedback through this complete partner service solution. Learn more

Social Sharing
A private social network where your channel team and partners can communicate and collaborate on projects, share their expertise, and follow everything they need to know about. Learn more

Magentrix Social Collaboration
Branding and Themes

Extend Your Brand

Magentrix provides Custom Themes that match your website look and feel, so your portal provides that consistent brand experience and identity that your partners' trust.

Responsive design means that your branded client portal looks great on any device and Multi-Branding allows you to have different themes across multiple portals for different communities.

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salesforce integration Salesforce Integration

Seamless integration lets you share any Salesforce data with external customers, partners, employees and other communities.

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CRM dynamics integration Dynamics CRM Integration

Bidirectional integration to share Dynamics CRM data with external customers, partners, employees and other communities.

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Our solutions have bank-grade security and all the security management features you need to keep all your information safe.

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Integrate and extend the platform features with a growing number of apps, extensions and plugins.

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Artisan Infrastructure

The entire company now sees the potential of Magentrix and its flexibility. Before choosing Magentrix, the things we wanted to do with our portals seemed far off in the future. Now we're excited that we can get them done in a few months.

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