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    Before the demo was done, we had a working portal. Magentrix worked so well out of the box that we didn't look at any other solutions.

    Henry Sabia, Account Manager at Software Testing Solutions LLC

    Founded in 1997, Software Testing Solutions LLC (STS) has been creating innovative healthcare software testing solutions for nearly two decades. Healthcare institutions across North America rely on STS Solutions to ensure that healthcare software vital to patient care is functioning correctly and efficiently. Dynamic and intuitive, the software provided by STS can be picked up right out of the box by general users or specially customized with the help of STS developers.

    Business Challenge

    After taking on the responsibility of project management in addition to his role as Account Manager at STS, Henry Sabia reviewed the legacy systems established by a previous STS manager for client communication. Sabia noted that several inefficiencies existed in the STS project management workflow and so migrated their systems to Salesforce. Though Salesforce proved beneficial, Sabia felt that more could be done to further streamline their project management system. Furthermore, as a result of adopting Salesforce in addition to their existing website, STS had two different digital storefronts. Maintaining both systems created burdens both in terms of labour and costs. 


    Given their desire to improve, STS explored the Salesforce AppExchange for a solution to their situation with the following criteria in mind:

    • Automation of the Workflow

      As stated previously, STS's main goal was to improve the efficiency of their business workflow and reduce unnecessary manual input. Clients needed a platform that allowed them to quickly correspond with STS to troubleshoot issues and provide feedback regarding project status. Additionally, STS wanted to prevent memos and updates from being lost in the shuffle with an established case management system.

    • Integration with Salesforce

      Rather than enter data into two separate systems, STS wanted a single bi-directional system that could synchronize with their Salesforce CRM. 

    • Sharing Dynamic and Secure Content

      Media hosting features were considered key by STS as they provide specialized web-based training videos and documents to clients. Beyond simple media hosting, STS was interested in built-in document security to control the distribution of content as well.

    • Ease of Use

      STS wanted a platform that was easy to manipulate and maintain by staff with limited web content experience. Just like their own solutions, STS was in search of a user-friendly product and interface that could intuitively guide users.

    The Magentrix Solution

    When STS found Magentrix, they were impressed with what Magentrix had to offer and excited to develop their portal for client project management. As one would expect of a business specializing in testing solutions, STS leaped head first into the trial to vet Magentrix's platform and customer service. With a little support and assistance from Magentrix, STS was able to launch their completed portal one month after they started the evaluation.

    Screenshot of STS portal

    STS was satisfied with their new client portal but now they saw they could do more. Early in development, STS realized the true power of the Magentrix platform and began to explore the possibility of overhauling their entire digital presence by consolidating their Salesforce instance and their website. During an extra month of development, the team was able to reproduce and enhance the entire STS website within the Magentrix platform.

    Profile Picture or Henry Sabia

    There seemed to be a synergy between Magentrix and STS in the way we both approached customers and our response rates. I can't say enough how helpful Magentrix's customer service has been.

    Henry Sabia, Account Manager at Software Testing Solutions LLC

    Since launch, client feedback for STS has been overwhelmingly positive; clients greatly appreciate being able to review their project cases on demand and the increased transparency in communication offered by the portal. Magentrix's Vimeo support proved invaluable; STS already uploaded training recordings and materials to Vimeo, but Magentrix seamlessly integrated Vimeo videos into the portal. This feature allowed STS to keep clients centralized in their portal.

    STS is looking forward to exploring the features of the Magentrix platform like the Community Forum to further empower and support their clients. Like most Magentrix customers, STS believes that they can continue to work together to finetune their portal as a one-stop-shop for clients.

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