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    About OpenSymmetry

    OpenSymmetry is the industry’s leading independent consulting firm specializing in all areas of sales performance management (SPM). As the major implementer for SPM technology for vendors such as IBM, Xactly, Anaplan, CallidusCloud, and Oracle, OpenSymmetry has streamlined sales processes for over 500 organizations worldwide.

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    Business Challenges

    OpenSymmetry has developed great relationships with their customers by making sure that they are providing the best service and support possible. However, like many organizations, they were using multiple tools, such as phone, email, and other messaging systems, to communicate with their customers. As the customer base grew, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of these different conversations, as well as all the information being passed around. Because there are so many different channels to communicate through, photos, discussions, and PDFs were often difficult to access or lost in cyberspace.

    Among the abundance of information that OpenSymmetry was providing for their employees and customers, they also had an extensive knowledge base about the products and services they provide, but it was only available to their internal staff members.


    “Our internal knowledge base is fantastic. Our employees have found it to be super helpful, but we wanted a way to allow everyone who uses our products to access it, including our customers.”

    Anthony Hutchins, Senior Vice President Professional Services at OpenSymmetry.

    With over 180 employees, and customers scattered throughout the world and in different timezones, OpenSymmetry knew they wanted to build some sort of online community as a place where everyone could interact no matter what time of day it was.

    Key Requirements

    OpenSymmetry realized that they needed a more efficient way to organize their resources and provide support for their customers. Their goal? To empower their customers and employees with self-service options through a single portal that would enable more effective and efficient communication and collaboration.

    The ideal online community needed to have the following capabilities:

    • A central place to communicate and collaborate with others around the world.
    • A mobile-friendly, branded and secure application available on demand.
    • A social environment where employees and customers connect.
    • Self-service options such as a Knowledge Base to resolve issues and answer questions.
    • Interactive community discussion forums where users can help each other.
    • File storage and sharing for easy access to documentation and resources.


    “Our ideal portal would create a social environment where we can interact with our customers and work together as a team. We hope that the platform would give them an “express service” experience where they’re able to learn about our products and gain valuable knowledge to help ensure success.”

    Anthony Hutchins, Senior Vice President Professional Services, at OpenSymmetry

    The Magentrix Solution

    OpenSymmetry employees have rapidly adopted the collaboration features within the Magentrix Social Intranet. The social environment allows their employees from all over the world to connect and team up to solve challenging problems in a central location. OpenSymmetry created a very rich and robust knowledge base of answers that their employees are able to access whenever they want. By providing their employees with information that is up to date and in a location that is easily accessible by all, they saw improvements in their relationship with their employees. Employees now felt more empowered with this self-service option, thus, allowing their employees to do their jobs better.

    OpenSymmetry Portal

    According to Hutchins, “Communication has never been more efficient and productivity levels have never been higher!”

    “The security roles are really robust - we’re able to set security settings for even the most granular things - and that’s been great! Also, shoutout to the Magentrix support team for being so responsive!” – Zach Collier, Senior Technical Product Manager at OpenSymmetry

    After finding success through implementing their employee portal, OpenSymmetry is now extending this environment to their customers with their own customer portal. Similar to what they have done in their employee Social Intranet, they want to make the same knowledge base available to their customers so that they can experience the same self-service option to resolve their own questions. This will greatly decrease the amount of support tickets going through their system.

    “Our employee portal has been the testing grounds for what’s to come on our customer portal. Everything that our employees need to access is right in the portal, and we’re excited to extend this to our customer community to make communication and collaboration easier,”

    Zach Collier, Senior Technical Product Manager at OpenSymmetry.

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