Magentrix Helps AbbyConnect Virtual Receptionists Answer the Call



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    Magentrix allowed us to make our product offering more robust while increasing our efficiency and competitive advantage.

    Nathan Strum, President and CEO of AbbyConnect

    AbbyConnect is a family-owned business that’s been helping their clients manage calls with virtual receptionists for over a decade. Their goal? Enable professionals to build meaningful relationships and have great conversations with their clients with less stress!

    Business Challenge

    AbbyConnect customers need to update their call routing and review call logs for their virtual receptionist every day. Most of these updates were communicated to staff through email, which then had to be manually entered into AbbyConnect’s Salesforce system for tracking and reporting. Furthermore, staff had to do an onboarding call with each new customer and input their information into three different systems. To avoid the time and errors caused by all of this manual entry, AbbyConnect needed a way for customers to input their logs into a system that would automatically integrate with Salesforce, and for staff to establish a more efficient onboarding process.

    Key Requirements

    AbbyConnect’s main requirement was a system that would integrate with their Salesforce CRM. That way, customers could update their call routing and logs in real time and staff could reduce the amount of emails back and forth. Staff also needed a more efficient way to onboard customers so they wouldn’t have to record accounts and contacts in multiple locations.

    The Magentrix Solution

    While browsing the Salesforce AppExchange, Nathan Strum, President and CEO of AbbyConnect, discovered Magentrix’s Customer Portal Solution. Interested, he registered for the trial version and quickly realized that Magentrix had a lot to offer. “We realized that the seamless integration with Salesforce was just the tip of the iceberg,” said Nathan. “Not only could we provide our customers with a secure portal to configure their call routing, but we could also integrate our backend systems and put our whole onboarding experience online.”

    AbbyConnect was able to create exactly the solution they needed. Once they had customized their portal with the help of Magentrix support, they were ready to introduce it to their customers. “We were customer-ready within three weeks,” said Strum. The speed of Magentrix setup proved integral to AbbyConnect as well as to their customers. Onboarding is now done entirely online, and customers can view and update their information whenever they want without needing to send emails back and forth.

     AbbyConnect portal screenshot

    And AbbyConnect isn’t done with Magentrix just yet. They’re now planning a new integration with their phone management system in order to offer even more services to their customers... at no additional cost! Feedback has already been nothing but positive; some of these new features have even proved crucial for customers, who can now estimate their bill much more easily. Staff are also having an easier time. Now that they no longer have to input data manually, they can devote more time to helping customers. Sounds like a good call all around!


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