Junior State of America (JSA) Connects Alumni with Magentrix Portal

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    Magentrix has everything we needed to setup the ideal Alumni portal site.

    Paul Hrabal, Chair of the Board of Trustees of Junior State of America

    Since 1934, the nonprofit Junior Statesmen Foundation and the Junior State of America (JSA) have helped more than 500,000 student leaders acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be active, informed and responsible citizens, voters and leaders.

    Business Challenge

    With over half a million alumni, JSA has had a big impact on the lives of many politicians, doctors, lawyers and other professionals. Despite this, the organization was struggling to gain the funding it needed to continue to operate. And with no formal association of alumni to build community, events and communication, JSA knew that it needed to develop an Alumni Association and fundraising program.


    JSA decided that an online portal would be the most effective way to communicate with Alumni through a single website they could all easily access. Since the organization was already running on Salesforce CRM, they needed a portal solution that would integrate seamlessly to extend the database with alumni information such as occupation, school and contact preferences. Alumni would be able to easily access their secure profile in the portal through a login and be able to search an Alumni Directory to find contacts and build their networks.

    JSA stakeholders, including the CTO, defined the key functional requirements including bidirectional synchronization with Salesforce CRM, secure access including auto-recover passwords, the ability to create portal users from within Salesforce, the ability to search a directory of Alumni and the ability for users to select their privacy settings so they could opt out of displaying their profile if desired.

    The Magentrix Solution

    JSA alumni directory

    JSA selected Magentrix because the core platform makes it easy to customize the portal and when they wanted new features, they would be able to develop it themselves. Paul Hrabal — Chair of the Board of Trustees and a JSA Alumnus for 30 years — said, “Magentrix has everything we needed to setup the ideal Alumni portal site. As a business user and non-programmer, I could easily go in and build layouts with logic behind it. Its very intuitive.”

    Paul Hrabal, Chair of the Board of Trustees of JSA

    All our requirements were met and the level of customer service responsiveness has been terrific. The platform is solid and stable.

    Paul Hrabal, Chair of the Board of Trustees of Junior State of America

    Within 2 months, JSA had tested and launched the new site. Now, the JSA Alumni Association provides a variety of services and events specifically for alumni including the online JSA Alumni Directory which engages over 8,500 alums back to 1940. Alumni can also sign up for a quarterly alumni newsletter, JSA Now!, and access the Alumni Events page for events across the US that help JSA’ers reconnect. 

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