May 2019 Platform Updates and Additions

    We’re proud to announce Magentrix’s newest features and recent updates - built by popular demand!

    With the addition of new modules and platform enhancements, we continually strive to give your portals a streamlined user experience that maximizes value for your partners and clients. 

    New Features

    • Stores Module
    • Wiki Module
    • FAQ Module
    • LMS Learning Paths

    Platform Enhancements

    • LMS UI Upgrades
    • Forum Module Upgrades
    • Bug Fixes

    New Features

    Stores Module

    Integrated Ecommerce: A store for your customers to browse your product collections and add items to their shopping cart for checkout.

    Wiki Module

    Hierarchical Content Management System: The wiki system gives your customers viewership of documentation, manuals, knowledge bases and more. With pages that are organized in a tree structure and a smart search feature, viewers can quickly find and load pages with lightning speed.

    FAQ Module

    Providing the ‘FACTS’ for Frequently Asked Questions: The FAQ module provides answers to commonly asked questions in a standalone page. FAQs can also be easily integrated into your custom pages.

    LMS Learning Paths

    Building Mastery through Progressive Steps: A feature for our learning module system (LMS), learning paths enables course creators to enroll trainees into a training programs comprised of ordered individual courses. By tailoring courses to be taken in progressive steps, knowledge retainment and mastery are maximized, and final goal can be configured.

    Learning paths also make things easier for administrators. It allows easy, one-click enrollment and progress tracking for multiple courses.

    With the addition of Learning Paths comes a change in the behavior of the LMS system that will affect how course administrators and learners will interact with the module:

    1. Active course assignments for a learner cannot be removed if the course is included in any published learning path(s) that are actively assigned to the same learner
    2. Learning path progresses will be recalculated if a learner retakes a course that is included in any published learning paths that are actively assigned to the learner
    3. Learning path progresses will be recalculated if a course administrator reassigns a course that is included in any published learning paths that are actively assigned to the learner
    4. Compliance courses cannot be re-assigned by course administrators to learners. Learners cannot retake nor request compliance courses if they have completed the course

    *Active assignments only apply to assignments with the following status: Assigned, Pending, Completed, Failed

    Platform Enhancements

    Forums Module Upgrades

    The Forums module has been upgraded. Forum topics are now searchable and sortable into different categories. Posts can be filtered if they are unanswered, unsolved or answered to allow community users quick access to the best solutions. Important posts, such as announcements can be pinned to the top of a forum topic. If a question has been answered or has lost traction in the forum, it can be locked to prevent irrelevant posts from resurfacing.

    The forum email templates have also been upgraded to include forum replies and content in the email body.

    LMS UI Upgrades

    The learner view’s UI has been upgraded to allow filtering based on course assignment status. Learner view search now allows for reference code and course descriptions.

    Bug Fixes

    Bug fixes are rolled out on a per-build basis.

    When Will This Happen?

    The planned release date for these updates is the weekend of May 10th, 2019.



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