Magentrix Summer 2015 Release

    Key Enhancements


    User Groups

    The new User Groups Module is a social environment that allows users to create, join and invite others to communities where they can collaborate with other members. User Group Posts have Social Collaboration features that enable users to comment on, like and favourite posts. Groups are customizable with a logo and cover photo. Its privacy settings allow Group Owners to easily specify which users can view the group, its posts, its members and how they can join.


    IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

    The new IDE provides a centralized and integrated location for developers to customize and extend their Magentrix solutions. Developers will be able to more effortlessly:

    • Create and manage pages, templates, controllers, classes, triggers and assets.
    • Browse and use Magentrix entities and custom labels (for localization).
    • Have quick access to event logs, documentation, and Magentrix knowledgebases.
    • Use the new Query Console to quickly run test queries and view database records.
    • Perform global searches on pages, templates, and classes to locate references to entities or other classes.


    Field Level Security by Roles

    When creating a new field, users can immediately specify its security settings according to Security Roles and add the field to specific page layouts. Administrators will be able to easily configure all settings for a new field in one location, eliminating the need to navigate to another page.


    Documents Library History

    The Documents Library Module now allows administrators to view the Activity History of all files. The Activity History feed displays the interactions corresponding to the file as well as who performed it and when. An event will be logged in the feed when a user:

    • Creates the file.
    • Updates the file.
    • Views the file.
    • Downloads the file.

    Document Access History


    All Tabs Page

    The enhanced All Tabs Page displays all available tabs in organized and responsive columns.

    Administrators may also include Tab Tooltips that pop-up when users hover over the tab.


    Email Templates

    When implementing email campaigns or configuring automations on Magentrix, administrators can now send test emails for their email templates. Simply provide an email address and hit send to ensure your templates are ready to be used.



    The Reports and Dashboards module now allows users to customize the colors of Picklist Field data charts. Users can select custom colors for each picklist value. The chart types that support this feature include:

    • Pie Charts
    • Funnel Charts
    • Bar and Area Charts with only one graph


    Recycle Bin Auto-Clean

    The updated Recycle Bin automatically cleans deleted items older than 30 days preventing cluttered Recycle Bins. This eliminates the need for administrators to constantly perform a manual Recycle Bin Empty and make deleted items more manageable.


    Zapier Integration

    The new Zapier Integration allows users to connect their Magentrix Account to other popular apps like Hubspot, SurveyMonkey, Pardot and hundreds of other supported apps to create simplify and streamline workflow. Learn more about Magentrix's Zapier integration.


    PRO-Sitemaps Integration

    PRO-Sitemaps provides sitemap generation and other online services. This integration allows administrators to leverage PRO-Sitemaps’ services to generate optimized Sitemap.xml files for public facing Magentrix portals. Use PRO-Sitemaps to enhance the SEO optimization of your Magentrix public website. For more information, please contact our support (

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