July 2019 Platform Updates

    The new July release contains updates and changes to improve the overall experience of Magentrix. Feature changes and platform enhancements have been made to the Playbooks and Storefront modules and file previews.


    Updates & Enhancements 

    Storefront Updates

    The Storefront module has been updated to fully support the credit card processors AuthNet, Stripe, and Moneris. 

    Users can now view their order history in the Storefront module and add past products to the cart. Rather than finding past products in the Storefront gallery, users will be able to quickly re-order past purchases.

    The Storefront product gallery has also been updated to have a list view of products as an addition to the existing tile view. Users can quickly toggle between the views with a simple click. 

    Playbooks Updates

    Playbooks has been optimized so users can now share playbooks with confidence to partners. Performance fixes have been included in this release to quickly load asset tiles into the gallery.  The browsing experience for video documents has also been enhanced so that assets are playable within the Playbooks gallery.

    Platform Enhancements

    The PDF previewer has been updated to improve the output of PDF and Microsoft Office files as well as Notes and Attachments. 

    As usual, various bug fixes are included in this release.

     When Will This Happen? 

    The planned release date for these updates is the weekend of June 28, 2019.

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