How Magentrix benefits Telecommunications Companies

No one wants to manage several different systems, and with a Magentrix portal, you don't have to. Easily integrate your existing PBX and CRM systems with your Magentrix portal without needing advanced development capabilities, making life easier for your team as well as for your customers.

Social Intranet for employees.

Enable staff to collaborate and communicate and better support customers. Make it easy for them to find the people they need with a directory, and create social groups for project and event management to reduce the number of meetings using a Social Intranet Portal.

Speed up onboarding and training with social e-learning module, and allow employees to access information wherever, whenever with internal knowledge bases and FAQs.

Social Intranet

Manage customer relationships.

Allow customers to view and update their information whenever they want through a self-service Customer Portal, without needing to email back and forth, and Share various article types to help your customers learn about your company- and help your support team by reducing the number of help tickets with FAQs.

Reduce email volume.

Automatically integrate call logs and help tickets with your CRM and your portal without having to exchange emails back and forth.

Your support team will have more time to spend on the most difficult problems and your customers will get faster responses- everyone wins!


Creating a Magentrix Portal allowed AbbyConnect to onboard customers and introduce them to their services entirely online, saving time for their customer support team.

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