How Magentrix benefits Technology Companies

If you're like many technology companies, you have multiple communities: employees who need to communicate and collaborate, customers to assist and partners to support. Magentrix Portal Solutions allow you to have all the benefits of working in the cloud without having to worry about spending time developing a homegrown solution.

Social Intranet for employees.

Your company is on the cutting edge of technology, and your Social Intranet Portal should be too! Immerse employees with familiar social feeds to strengthen collaboration and engage remote workers. Make it easy to find the people you need with a directory, and create social groups for project and event management to reduce the number of meetings.

Speed up onboarding and training with social e-learning modules, and allow employees to access information wherever, whenever with internal knowledge bases and FAQs.

Social Intranet Portal

Customer support case management.

Help your customers access support on demand through a self-service Customer Portal, and provide knowledge bases and FAQs to reduce the load on your support staff.

Close cases faster and more effectively without creating an email backlog, and synchronize bidirectionally with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Maintain a consistent branding so your customers identify your portal with your company.

Partner lead registration and opportunity management.

Help your partners access the information they need to succeed with a Partner Portal! Get them up to speed easier than ever with social e-learning modules for onboarding and training.

Share leads and opportunities, and synchronize your portal with your existing CRM to ensure a coherent experience without having to duplicate records.

Software Testing Solutions

STS improved the efficiency of their workflow with their Magentrix portal's ease of use, which enabled them to integrate with Salesforce and securely share all types of media content with their clients.

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