How Magentrix benefits Not-For-Profit organizations

Focus on helping your communities, not on figuring out complicated software. Magentrix helps you create a platform that's easy to use without needing a development team. We also understand that you have a small budget, and offer a discount.

Social Intranet for staff.

Enable staff to collaborate and communicate and better support donors and volunteers. Make it easy for them to find the people they need with a directory, and create social groups for project and event management to reduce the number of meetings.

Speed up onboarding and training with social e-learning modules, and allow employees to access information wherever, whenever with secure file storage, sharing, internal knowledge bases and FAQs.

Social Intranet

Create a sense of community.

You want your volunteers and members to feel like they're a part of something bigger. Share information with them through blog posts and community forums, and allow them to share ideas to make your programs even better.

Make it easy for them to reach you with sites that are optimized for every device.

Train and instruct new users with a click.

Make it easier than ever to introduce new members and volunteers to your operations with our Social e-Learning module for onboarding and training.

Create courses, lessons and quizzes that can be accessed anywhere to help your users become part of your organization quickly.

Deaf & Hear Alberta

Implementing a Magentrix Self-Service Portal allowed Deaf & Hear to save an estimated 15K to 30K within the first year of implementation by empowering users to access resources online and find the solutions they needed themselves.

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