Social eLearning

The Social eLearning module is a simple way to create courses, lessons and quizzes so users can access training materials on demand. Fully integrated with Magentrix Intranet, portals and the Social Collaboration tools,

this add-on module lets you create a wide variety of online training materials in a user-friendly, mobile-enabled, interactive environment where users can complete lessons, compliance training, program onboarding and certification.

Magentrix Training Feature - Browse Courses

Browse Courses

Search and browse published courses and make requests to be assigned to a course.

  • Course Directory and History
  • Filter by Category, Reference Code and Language
  • View My Courses with status and progress

Build courses

Easily create new courses, change or remove courses and manage course content including powerpoint, video and packages from popular authoring tools.

  • Course Content Builder
  • TinCan API support
  • Course Previewer

Create Quizzes

Set up quizzes and assessments, specify pass-mark, time limits and add to courses to test knowledge and reinforce learning.

  • Multiple question formats
  • Flexible settings
  • Automatic Marking
Magentrix Training Feature - Build courses
Magentrix Training Feature - Manage Users

Manage Users

Course assignment allows Instructors/Administrators to review learners, which courses they have taken or requested and assign courses to users.

  • Assign Courses
  • Review Pending
  • View Completed Lessons

Dashboard & Insights

Pre-configured reports and dashboards make it easy to view user activities and status. Customize your own with the Report and Dashboard Builder.

  • Activity Log and dashboard
  • Approve course requests
  • View marked status
Magentrix Training Feature - Dashboard and Insights
Magentrix Training Feature - Social Collaboration

Social Collaboration

Messaging and notifications for Instructors to collaborate on course content and for communication between Instructors and Learners.

  • Real-time messaging in context
  • Individual and group conversations
  • Attach files


Define and issue certificates of completion for learner achievements.

  • Upload custom template
  • Merge fields supported
  • Preview certificate

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