Playbooks - Collection of Resources

Collection of Resources

Sales and Marketing can both leverage playbooks as a tool to effectively and efficiently guide leads through the sales cycle and close deals.

What makes playbooks a great resource is that it’s not only customizable, but it is available at any time of day. A playbook could include the following:

  • Brochures
  • Product sheets
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Sample call scripts
  • Demos
  • Proposals
  • Courses
  • Customer testimonials
  • Videos
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Sample emails
  • Potential Q & A
  • Knowledge articles or posts
  • External Assets via web bookmarks


Playbooks act as a self-service module. Filtering capabilities allow channel partners to filter through content to find exactly what they’re looking for. Using assets from a set of playbooks, channel partners can develop their own custom playbooks.

For example, John can take collateral from playbook 1 and pair it with collateral from playbook 2 and so on.

Playbooks are also easy to manage for administrators. Administrators can appoint a variety of users to maintain the playbooks to ensure that they are regularly updated.

Playbooks - Self-service
Playbooks - Results Driven by Engagement

Results Driven by Engagement

The interactive feature of playbooks gives you feedback on the content you are sharing with channel partners.

Through ratings, tracking of downloads, link distribution and more, you can analyze and determine which marketing collaterals are relevant and which are not.All reports can be exported for further analysis.

Co-Branded Collateral

With this feature, channel partners can easily add their logo and contact information to collateral from the playbook. This functionality gives channel partners the opportunity to leverage a market position and gain industry proof that they are associated with a larger parent company.

Co-branded material also provides channel partners with documents that can help establish trust when meeting and sharing with potential prospects

Playbooks - Co-Branded Collateral

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