Marketplace - Your own branded Marketplace

Your own branded Marketplace

The Marketplace is designed to foster brand loyalty and boost customer retention. Users are given access to products and services built around your brand.

With the ability to extend product offerings provided by your ISVs (independent software vendor) or consulting partners, you will attract companies who are interested in leveraging your brand to sell their products.

Personalized Experience

The marketplace is designed with user experience in mind. Users will receive a personalized shopping experience with detailed profiles filtered by category, industry, pricing and rating.

With detailed product descriptions, users are able to learn about every component and benefit a product has to offer. Our review and rating features give users real unbiased feedback on the product so that they can make the right purchase decision.

Users can also create “saved listings” with apps of their interest.

Market Place - Personalized Experience
Marketplace - Manage Your Marketplace

Manage Your Marketplace

We want channel partners and customers to have access to a well-managed store. Managing your store with relevant product listings and contents is effortless.

Add, delete or edit vendors. Include vendor information such as company logo, descriptions, number of employees and contact information.

Listings can also be managed and edited with ease. From language choices to visual assets to pricing, users are given capabilities to provide as much details needed to entice purchasers to purchase their product.

Drive Results

The Marketplace includes a reporting functionality that provides users with data related to a specific listing. Reports include details about number of views, requests, and engagement. Results can be provided between a specific time period (i.e. last 7 days). All reports can be exported for further analysis.

In addition to monitoring the performance of your listings, you can also generate leads through your Marketplace. The Marketplace has a strong lead generation process that is fully integrated with your CRM. This allows both you and your channel partners to instantly have access to generated leads in your CRM and partner portal.

Market Place - Drive Results

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