Magentrix Features - Ideation

Posting and Comments

Users can post Ideas to propose changes to products, services, or processes, and receive input from other users as they collaborate and share ideas with each other.

  • Text editor supports formatting, images and hyperlinks
  • Filter by Recent, Most Popular and My Ideas
  • Customizable categories

Collaboration and Voting

Let users collaborate on Ideas to support or offer an opinion on the Idea. Voting lets users agree or disagree with the poster and contribute to ranking the Idea.

  • Configure voting settings (weight, decay, etc)
  • Social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Users can report inappropriate posts

Managing Ideas

Settings and features let Administrators configure and manage inappropriate posts, category sharing permissions and status.

  • Sharing permissions for specific groups
  • Reviewed, planned or delivered status
  • Abuse Report

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