Unlike other messaging apps, Magentrix Collaboration lets you engage in conversations right with the relevant content whether it is a document, file, article or even a data record.

With a single click, you can start a conversation with multiple users or even a group. Since the conversation is always in context, its easy to stay current and engaged.

collaboration - Collaborate

Improve Communication

Easily follow the conversation in context. Persistent messaging provides transparency so it's easy to review the conversation or for new participants to get up to speed.

  • Familiar Social Tools (Follow, Like, Favorite, Comment)
  • Comment formatting and sharing
  • Attach files, insert hyperlinks and videos

Increase Engagement

Follow documents, files, people and even data records so you get notified when a new comment is added. Use your newsfeed to keep track of all the recent comments on the items or people you're following.

  • Newsfeeds
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Polls

Encourage Connections

User Profiles

Attractive Profiles let users post personal information so that others can follow their favorites, activities and comments. Configure internal and external layouts, as well as privacy settings.

Search a Directory to connect with topic experts and ask questions, advice or engage in discussions.

  • Configurable Profiles
  • Social Statistics
  • Searchable Directory
collaboration - Social Profile

Enable Group Communications

collaboration - User Groups

Community Groups

Create public and private community groups for common interests, project teams, departments, and more. Members can communicate and collaborate with other members, share files and content.

Manage group members and invitation settings for Open or Closed Groups. Users can Like, Comment and Star favorites, view top contributors, recently shared files and configure notification settings.

  • Public and Private Groups
  • Manage Group Members
  • Notification Settings

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