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Magentrix Analytics Feature - Standard Reports

Standard Reports

Magentrix comes loaded with many standard pre-configured reports so administrators can easily monitor the status of the key metrics for the community.

From user activity to content and document logs, most popular articles and documents to storage status, all the data is at your fingertips. Gain insights with the document dashboard or add your own tracking code to view in your Google Analytics dashboard.

  • User Activity Logs
  • System Status
  • Google Analytics tracking

Customized Reports

Report Builder

Quickly create tabular and summary reports on any cross-Entity data. Organize your own folder structure and control access permissions with sharing. Enable users to create their own custom reports with the data they have access to.

Full-featured Report Builder gives you the flexibility to create the view you want. Set date ranges, use filters and filter logic, summarize columns with Sum, Average, Max and Min. Convenient tools such as expand and collapse groups lets you navigate complex reports with a single click.

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Filters, sorting and multi-level field grouping
  • Export to csv or Excel
Magentrix Analytics Feature - Report Builder

Visual Dashboards

Magentrix Analytics Features - Reports

Dashboard Designer

Drag and drop interface makes it easy to create charts and graphs that help users make sense of complex data and drill down to the source report to see the detail. Choose from chart and graph types including Horizontal and Vertical Bar, Line, Pie, Donut, Funnel, Trend, Area, Gauge, Heat Maps and Tables.

Intuitive visual Designer lets you combine charts and graphs into Dashboards that can provide critical insights at a glance.

  • Multiple chart and graph types
  • Customize data settings, formatting and legends
  • Combine charts and graphs into dashboards

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