Magentrix Employee Collaboration

Employee Collaboration

Collaboration is at the core of the Magentrix Employee Community. Familiar social tools in a central network let everyone communicate and collaborate on issues and follow everything they need to know about.

Reduce Email

Free your employees from endless email threads for internal conversations. Magentrix powers collaboration with real-time messaging and dynamic newsfeeds that track conversations in context so no one is in the dark.

Improve Communications

Whether workers are local or remote, you can improve everyone's ability to communicate through real-time and asynchronous messages, group newsfeeds, announcements, alerts and notifications so everyone is in the loop.

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Content Management

Power your Communications

Make sure everyone on the team is up to speed on the latest company-wide announcements, news, feedback and resources. Help employees quickly find the information they need to answer questions and resolve problems with searchable knowledge bases, FAQs and other self-service resources.

Information On-Demand

Employees help themselves with searchable information on-demand in easily accessible knowledge bases. With self-serve support resources, FAQs or expert opinions in a blog, everyone can find the information they need, answer questions, solve problems and make decisions faster.

Connect and Engage

From subscriptions and digest notifications to sharing, ratings and moderated comments, you can encourage engagement, sharing and feedback with all employees and within specific groups.

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Magentrix Employee Collaboration Content Management

Document Management

Magentrix Customer Success Document Management

File Storage and Sharing

Provide employees with better access to resources by sharing and storing documents, files and video in one secure, mobile-friendly location. Employees can easily search for resources, view in-line or download.

Access Control

Organize any file type in easy-to-navigate nested folders including links and YouTube/Vimeo videos. Manage sharing options and document versioning to insure employees find what they need, when they need it.

Collaboration & Insights

Employees can follow, like and comment on files to engage in conversations and collaborate. Pre-configured reports and the Report Builder give you the insights you need to monitor and improve engagement.

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Community Discussions

Encourage Discussions

Imagine a place where employees can engage in interactive discussions on a variety of topics. They can post questions, share information and search for answers that help them do their jobs. Easily manage sharing permissions to limit or open up discussions.

Find Answers Faster

Community Forums provide another way for employees to effectively communicate with each other to get help and resolve issues. Topics and marking a Community Forum reply as an answer make it easy to find solutions.

Improve Culture

Enhance the community and engagement with topics for everyone. Create multiple interactive Discussion Forums where employees can go to get help and search for previously answered questions.

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Magentrix Employee Collaboration Community Discussion


Magentrix Employee Collaboration - Ideation

Share Ideas

Find out what matters to your employees as they share, review, and collaborate on new ideas to give you important feedback. Employees can post, read, comment and vote on ideas within the Ideas module.

Rank Feedback

Create categories for easier navigation and grouping of Ideas Posts. Employees can easily apply a category or multiple categories to Posts where other employees can engage with feedback, comments and voting to enhance the idea.

Communicate Status

Administrators have full control over Posts and can be alerted to inappropriate Posts. They can review specific Ideas Posts and mark them with a status for future consideration or delivery.

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Task Management

Flexible Layout

Customizable Task Entity lets you add fields and create multiple layouts for different uses. Let employees quickly create Tasks from records to pre-populate fields and view completed Tasks. Customize views for managing Tasks.

Reminder Notifications

Employees can customize Task notification settings to send an email when the employee is assigned a Task and trigger an alert when a Task reminder is due.


Automations let you define conditions to automatically create activity Tasks and assign to an employee user. Automatically subscribe select employees or security roles to an Entity's feed, add an employee to a Collaboration Group and automatically post a message.

Magentirx Employee Collaboration Features- Task Management


Fully integrated and native Learning Management Solution (LMS) lets you deliver customized course materials, exams and certificates for employees.

Magentrix Customer Success Trianing and Certification

Reduce Training Costs

Save on training costs by offering employees a wide variety of on-demand training materials in a user-friendly, mobile-enabled, interactive environment. From onboarding to product and compliance training your employees will be up to speed in no time.

Test and Certify

Flexible quizzes let you test employee skills and reinforce learning at any point in a course. Collaborate where assistance is needed and streamline marking. Automatically certify the employees when they pass.

Track and Report

Complete User Management tools to easily assign courses to employees, track progress and many of the metrics you need in the pre-configured dashboard or use the report builder to customize your own.

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Analyze Employee Engagement

Gain insights into your key engagement metrics with powerful reports and dashboards. Whether its engagement or resource usage, you can easily track any data for current status.

Flexible Reporting

With dozens of pre-configured reports, you have easy access to the critical data that drives decisions. An intuitive Report Builder lets you create your own reports on any data Entity or across multiple Entities.

Dynamic Dashboards

Leverage the power of real-time visual dashboards to help employees understand and access key data sets. Give management the ability to instantly analyze key data for issues and trends.

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Magentrix Employee Collaboration Features - Analytics

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