Common Questions

What solutions does Magentrix provide?

Magentrix provides pre-built SaaS solutions for secure Intranets and self-service community portals. Our Social Intranet, Customer Community and Partner Community solutions are delivered on an enterprise-ready platform that lets you configure the features you want for your organization. The platform includes a cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that lets you extend and integrate your Intranet or community portals in many ways.

How does Magentrix pricing work?

Magentrix is priced as a subscription service(SaaS). For many organizations this is beneficial because it can be treated as an operating expense with one low monthly fee rather than a large capital expenditure. The Magentrix Social Intranet solution is licensed on a per user basis with Professional and Enterprise licenses. Magentrix Customer Community and Partner Community solutions are licensed in tiered levels of portal users starting at 1,000 users so you can choose the number of users you need. Customer Community and Partner Community solutions include one internal license for an administrator as well as File and Record Storage. Additional licenses and storage can be purchased as needed.

What is a community portal site?

Community portal sites are a type of web software infrastructure that provide interaction with relevant information by select targeted audiences, delivered in a highly personalized manner. Magentrix community portal sites are ideal for many audiences or communities, including employees, customers and partners, and serve a range of business functions.

What kind of Support does Magentrix provide?

Magentrix provides standard support for all subscriptions that includes email support as well as FAQs and a Knowledge Base. Premium Support options are also available for priority service by phone including extended business hours and a dedicated service rep.

Does Magentrix have a free trial?

Yes, Magentrix offers a 15 day free trial for each of the product solutions. To sign up for your free trial go to

Does Magentrix support mobile devices?

Yes, any site or application built with Magentrix uses responsive design and supports HTML5 and touch gestures. The appropriate format is displayed automatically for any desktop, tablet or smart phone without the need for any coding or maintaining separate apps for iOS or Android.

Is Magentrix an IDE?

The Magentrix platform includes a cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that makes it easy to design and launch cloud-hosted applications. Visual tools are provided so no coding is required. However, if you want to customize you can dive into coding as needed.

Do I have to be a programmer to use Magentrix?

No, Magentrix includes visual tools such as the Visual Designer and Page Layout features designed specifically for business experts or RAD developers that want to create apps without any coding.

How are Magentrix Customer Community and Partner Community solutions different than Salesforce Communities?

Magentrix provides a separate application that uses the Salesforce API to seamlessly integrate and synchronize with the data in your Salesforce CRM. While Salesforce Communities has some of the same features, many organizations need to customize Communities using additional coding with Visualforce and Apex. Magentrix provides custom Themes to match your branding as well as many pre-built components and custom features out of the box so your organization can add value to your Salesforce CRM without any further development. For details on the Magentrix platform features see the Product Features page.

Can Magentrix integrate with other Cloud or legacy applications?

Yes, you can extend your Magentrix Communities with a variety of 3rd party applications. Magentrix also provides a full RESTful API so you can easily integrate other CRM, database and legacy applications with your community site or web application.

Can Magentrix help me with my implementation?

Yes, when you sign up for a Magentrix subscription we'll create your custom theme and will provide initial training on how to setup your site. Magentrix Partners also offer a full range of Professional Services to customize and implement your web apps and community sites.

How secure is Magentrix?

Magentrix is secured using 128 bit SSL Certification - just like the banks use. Our data center is SAS 70 Type II Certified and with our comprehensive internal privacy and compliance control you can be sure your data is protected. Our advanced role-based and hierarchical security model also gives you complete control over who has access to what. For more details on Magentrix security see the Magentrix Security page.

What are Active Pages and Classes?

Active Pages and Classes is a strongly typed, object-oriented programming language (branched off of .NET Framework) that allows developers to execute flow and transaction control statements on the Magentrix platform. The language syntax is similar to C#.NET and enables developers to add business logic to most system events and create entire new state-of-the-art mobile-optimized web applications.

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