Mobility Update: Over Half of Your Users Are on Their Phones

    Mobile traffic accounts for 52% of all internet activity. Are you supporting the larger half of your users?...

    Going Mobile: The New Way to Work

    Rising use of mobile technology has led to a growing need to provide mobile-optimized versions of everything and is leading to a shift in the workplace. A growing market of users say that they prefer to use text to communicate...

    Hit the Ground Running: Why the Cloud is the Best Choice for Your Growing Business

    Cloud technology continues to impress with its extraordinary capabilities and flexibility, so it is no mystery why large corporations are rushing to adapt their systems to incorporate the cloud. However, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB) stand in the best position to...

    You Don’t Just Adopt the Cloud - You Can Merge With It Too

    Consumers often confuse — if not remain oblivious to — the nuances between different cloud computing solutions. The most well-known cloud services have tricked the average consumer into thinking that the cloud is limited to storage services. Depending on what...

    Version X is no longer supported — one phrase you'll never hear about cloud software

    One of the major drawbacks of the traditional software development and release cycle for customers is the inevitable need to upgrade to the newest product. Release Version X eventually becomes outdated when Release Version X.2 launches a year or two...

    Out-of-the-box or off-the-cuff: What’s Best for Software?

    Lego has been a mainstay in the toy sector for more than half a century now. The construction toy giant has towered above almost all brands in the minds of modern families when it comes to children’s entertainment. Though it...

    Should I Be Using a Mobile-optimized Site or a Mobile App?

    Mobile technology is changing the way we know and interact with the world. Just ask yourself this, what do you do when you are looking for information? A few years ago, you may have run upstairs to the desktop PC...

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